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Quote of the Week

Downtown Voices Coalition is a group of about 90 stakeholders that work on issues affecting downtown Phoenix. They had a recent article on their web site about Dwell Magazine naming Phoenix Exurbs such as Verrado and Anthem (I think my home turf of Goodyear counts as well) as some of the “Worst in the US”.

The quote that caught my eye? had this to say about the recognition:

We hesitate to even call Phoenix a city; the decentralized home turf of Allied Waste would be best described as a 400-square-mile monument to sprawl, water waste, traffic bottlenecks, and crystal meth. Urban planning sometimes seems esoteric, but Phoenix offers a real-world reminder of why we need it.


Yesterday’s Lunch

Yesterday, my department at work had a lunch meeting at one of our favorite places, Pugzies Restaurant. It is located at Highland and 16th street and really easy to get to from the 51. I had a Greek salad yesterday, but I frequently get their turkey sandwich and chicken noodle soup. I was introduced to the place only a few months ago, and it continues to impress.

They seem to have an emphasis on good food fast, a reasonable price point- I spend between $8-$14 on lunch there, and a lot of room. I have never tried the drive through.

Just a couple of minor negatives. The bathrooms are outside and a bit of a walk to get to. The ordering system, while expertly managed, creates congestion and confusion around the registers. Other than those things and a weirdly striped parking lot, I have to recommend it for anyone looking for a good place for a business lunch or to meet a friend near downtown.

From their website:

Pugzie’s was established and opened for business on Sept. 23, 1981.
Two sisters, Lynn Pugliano and Lisa Pugliano-Wright, with the help of their parents, converted a service station owned by their father into the original sandwich shop. The restaurant was named “Pugzie’s” as a shortened version of their last name. The toucan bird was selected as a logo of their tropical garden atmosphere. Their goal was to provide fresh, healthy lunches with friendly, fast service.
After 13 years of continued growth and 3 expansions on the original building, there was no room left to expand. A 12,000 sq. ft. office complex adjacent to their property was purchased and 6,000 sq. ft. was remodeled into a new restaurant with inside seating for 282 people. They also added a drive-up window for phone and fax orders and a beautiful courtyard for outdoor eating. The original restaurant was torn down and converted to customer parking for the new building.
Lynn and Lisa, along with Lisa’s daughter Gina and several original employees, recently celebrated their 26th year in business.

First Fridays keep on changing

Artlink Phoenix hosts an artwalk known as First Fridays in Downtown Phoenix. According to the Wikipedia Article:

Since 1994 the monthly First Fridays artwalk has grown to become the largest monthly artwalk in the United States. Increasing interest in this area has prompted Rooselvelt Row to becoming more pedestrian-friendly and is supportive of small local independent businesses that give downtown Phoenix character.

That is an uncited bit, so I have a sneaking suspicion it was placed by a promoter. I have attended First Fridays a couple of times, each time concentrating on a different area of downtown. When I first started going last year, there was a map available online. Now you have to find one at a downtown business. I think Burton Barr has them. Now I mainly stick to Roosevelt Row.
There has been a lot of controversy in the last couple of years, and that has affected the feel of the event. Phoenix Metblog Author pho_william spoke about his experience here. I have observed the changes from the controversies myself.

The first time I went, it was like a big street fair. I loved it. Crowds, vendors, art and fun! I contrast this to when I went on the 4th of July and there is a significant change. During July’s artwalk, you could barely tell there was an event going on. People were there, but they tended to attend just one little area, gallery, or concert and stay. It might have been the heat, but it the first time I went it was warm too.

The Phoenix New Times has covered the issues with the street vendors.

The reason The Bird and others gravitate to Roosevelt on First Fridays is for the very libertine, Fellini-esque atmosphere that the Esser-Delgado axis wants to kill, not to ogle the pricey baubles at Esser and partner Cindy Dach’s boutique, MADE.

I have to agree with that. On the plus side, the galleries and performance spaces are still awesome. This Friday I will be at The Firehouse. They have frequent shows, a coffee house and a performance space. I will be there to see good friends, who are also fire spinners, do their second performance as Sin Aesthesia. I would love to see you there, and you will be hearing more from me.

Sin Aesthesia at The Firehouse

Sin Aesthesia at The Firehouse

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