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Tree update

We bought 7 trees from Moon Valley Nursery last week and they are now living in our backyard. They are all 15 gallon trees, which was the same size trees we had chosen for our front yard 2 years ago. The Palo Verde in the front has gotten really big and has bloomed beautiful yellow flowers once. We were supposed to take out the double stakes and the garden hose wrapped around its trunk last year and didn’t realize it until now that the garden hose has now left a scar on the poor trees trunk and branches.

I know we were supposed to get some desert trees for our proposed xeriscaping back yard, but we succumbed to the beauty of the trees that we chose. A ficus, arizona ash (which is at the sunniest spot in the yard and has brown leaves – I’m hoping this is normal), raywood ash, chinese elm, jacaranda, a lemon and orange tree. All of them, except for the Arizona Ash (how ironic) seem to be growing new leaves. They are growing well with the new drip irrigation in place and my daily observations of how they are doing every morning right before I go to work. It is strange to see something living in my backyard. Now my next project – composting and designing the hardscape and adding shrubs and smaller plants to the backyard.


We finally got our trees. We were prepared and ready to pick out the trees at the Moon Valley Nursery on Arizona and Germann in Chandler, but at the last minute realized I forgot my coupon that could have saved me $22. It was towards the end of a long day, it was cloudy and pleasantly cool with a soothing breeze blowing in the air. We chose 7 trees: Raywood Ash, Chinese Elm, Arizona Elm, Jacaranda, Navel Orange, Lemon tree and a Ficus. We knew some were deciduous, all of them except for the last three, and they were probably going to consume a lot of water, but we didn’t care. We were going to finally have trees in our back yard! They gave us 7 flags to put in our back yard which I felt was going to be a fun task. They will dig in November. This gives me time to get quotes on drip irrigation. I wanted to do it myself, but with the baby, I didn’t think I realistically had the time to do it within a week, which is what the nursery people told us is a good time frame to install the lines. Once those are installed, we need to spray the perimeter of our home. I saw a black widow in our front door and back patio the other day. I can’t imagine what would happen if they got into our house or had little babies.

Landscaping Continues

Well, I didn’t get to go to Moon Valley this past weekend because it was way too hot for baby Katherine to be hanging out in. The forecast for the weekend predicts cloudy 101 degree weather, but I hope the clouds stay out longer so we will get to talk to John, designer and plant extraordinaire from the Chandler location and answer all our questions.

I’ve been researching and found out that a call to Blue Stake (602)263-1100 is in order. They are a free service that comes over to your property and marks portions of your yard that have electrical, sewer, and/or water lines. This is very important especially when you are digging. Then the design begins in terms of where we want our plants to be located, the selection of desert plants and our drip irrigation layout dependent upon our landscape design. Once we have chosen our plants, Moon Valley will keep our plants in their nursery until the time comes when we are ready for actual planting. I don’t know if other nurseries do that as well, but I was very happy to hear this because of our HOA. We need to get approval from them first which will take 60 days if all goes well and then we will need to dig 6-8″ deep irrigation ditches where our polytubing will be running through the yard before the actual planting. There is so much work to be done. We need to get rid of rocks that might compromise the irrigation line. That is a difficult task as I walk along my property and see rocks everywhere. Our community used to be an orange grove and I can’t see how they could have grown anything with all these rocks.

The beginning is near and the finished product seems so far away. There is so much to do and so little I still don’t know about. By the end of the year, baby Katherine will be 9 months and hopefully be playing in our new back yard and I will gain the knowledge of xeriscaping and the appreciation of desert gardening.

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