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Fetish Falls celebrates the Unique

On Saturday, September 6th, Fetish Falls in Tempe had a Party and I was there. Sometimes it is easy to forget that Arizona has this kind of scene.

Mask at Fetish Falls

Mask at Fetish Falls


Google Departs Tempe

Google is leaving the valley and taking with it the unfulfilled promise of high paying jobs. They opened their office in Tempe in 2006 and have since employed approximately 50┬ápeople as opposed to the originally projected 600. One of Google’s Senior V.P.’s , Alan Eustace, announced their departure via blog on Sept. 19th citing internal issues.┬áTheir official date of closure is Nov. 21st, 2008.

The Arizona economy is not in good shape mainly due to its reliance on housing and tourism – neither of which is generating much revenue these days. Phoenix Business Journal reported on Thursday that the city’s unemployment rate jumped half a percentage point in August from 5.1 to 5.6 percent. This demonstrates a frightening trend considering that the unemployment rate in July was reported at 4.6 percent. Loss of jobs has been reported in retail, construction, and trade-related fields in the month August.

Talk like a Pirate Day, AZ style

I have been running, and have been neglecting y’all. I have an event from the 6th that I will finish the write up on soon.

Meanwhile, while I am sitting in a training in Chandler tomorrow night, you can be practicing your Arrrrr’s and Me Matey’s for Talk like a Pirate Day.

The Arizona Corsair Network is hosting the Arizona Talk Like a Pirate Day at the Tavern on Mill.

Details: September 19 @ 7 PM
404 S. Mill (in Hayden Square)

From the site:

The largest pirate get together and party yet for the Arizona Corsairs.

“talk like a pirate” contest
best Pirate costumes (men and women) contest
Pirate Photo Booth
$2 rum shot with Arizona Corsair Coin purchase.

So be prepared to join in on this pirate raid of Taven on Mill Ave or you’ll only hear stories of how great it was.

How did you spend Talk Like a Pirate Day?


What better way to spend TLaP Day than with the Bootylicious Bards? I picked up their CD and won another. Yaargh!

Joss… a man they call Joss…

big damn fundraiser

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day. Did you get your tickets for the big damn shindig? No? Well, it is a fundraiser for Equality Now, so if you show up with a big damn check I am sure they will let you in.

Guess who’s coming to Changing Hands?

My very reliable source just informed me that President Jimmy Carter will be coming to Phoenix in December as guest of that fabulous independent bookstore Changing Hands. Carter has a new book he is promoting and will speak and sign books at a location, yet to be decided. You heard it first on Metroblogs.

Barack Obama coming to Phoenix

Just heard from a very reliable source that Sen. Barack Obama will be coming to Phoenix, guest of that great and favorite, Changing Hands Bookstore. For the curious, he delivered a strong and insightful keynote address at the 2004 Democrat National Convention. I look forward to the opportunity to hear him speak in person. Hope life in Washington hasn’t jaded his enthusiasm. He will be at the Orpheum Theater in October – date and time to be announced.

Mmmm Sammiches!

I’ll admit – I really love a good sandwich. I was so excited Sunday when I saw that the Quiznos that lives at Mill & Southern was open again! Now I can have toasty sub’s within walking distance!

Of course Quiznos isn’t the only place in Tempe to get a good sammich. Dilly’s Deli (414 W. University Drive) and Bison Witches (21 E. 6th Street #146 aka ASU Brick Yard) also know how to make a mean sandwich. Yum!

Where’s your favorite place for a good sandwich?

Counting the aerial bombs

sundevilstadium.jpgIt’s tough being a Sun Devil fan when, during a game, you’re stuck in class, away from TV, radio, cell phone sports ticker, etc. You’re forced to rely on ASU’s exploding aerial bombs for the score. A single explosion indicates a field goal and two explosions, 30-60 seconds apart means a touchdown and successful point after. I guess the lone explosion could be a touchdown and missed extra point – yes, this can get confusing. Anyway, these bombs are loud and easily heard from anywhere on campus, inside or out. I spent several years’ worth of Saturdays in the art warehouse (fiber studio) and followed the game score by explosions.

Of course, it is a one-sided scorekeeping system – not even the tiniest firecracker is lit when the other team scores. It is possible, however, to hear a noise swell from the stadium and if the opponent’s fans are abundant and particularly vocal, there’s another dimension to the audio score system. A noise swell without aerial bombs can either indicate a score by the opponents or a near-miss by the Devils. Despite the loopholes, inaccuracies and vagueness of this scoring system, it puts you in the game, even if you’re outside the stadium. And then, what a surprise when you find out the real score . . . 14-14 at halftime?

New American City: Artists Look Forward exhibition at ASU Art Museum

newamericancity.jpgAs an art student at ASU I am happy that John Spiak from the ASU Art Museum has written in to tell us about an exhibit that he is curating called “New American City: Artists Look Forward.” The exhibit is open from Sept. 9 2006 through Jan. 27 2007 and will feature local artists from throughout the valley.

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