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Counting the aerial bombs

sundevilstadium.jpgIt’s tough being a Sun Devil fan when, during a game, you’re stuck in class, away from TV, radio, cell phone sports ticker, etc. You’re forced to rely on ASU’s exploding aerial bombs for the score. A single explosion indicates a field goal and two explosions, 30-60 seconds apart means a touchdown and successful point after. I guess the lone explosion could be a touchdown and missed extra point – yes, this can get confusing. Anyway, these bombs are loud and easily heard from anywhere on campus, inside or out. I spent several years’ worth of Saturdays in the art warehouse (fiber studio) and followed the game score by explosions.

Of course, it is a one-sided scorekeeping system – not even the tiniest firecracker is lit when the other team scores. It is possible, however, to hear a noise swell from the stadium and if the opponent’s fans are abundant and particularly vocal, there’s another dimension to the audio score system. A noise swell without aerial bombs can either indicate a score by the opponents or a near-miss by the Devils. Despite the loopholes, inaccuracies and vagueness of this scoring system, it puts you in the game, even if you’re outside the stadium. And then, what a surprise when you find out the real score . . . 14-14 at halftime?

move-in day

It’s move-in day at ASU – classes start next week so they like to get the little devils onto campus early for orientation. The pictures above are of Forest Mall which is an allegedly pedestrian area (although between the service vehicles and crazy cartists . . .). What you see are mommy and daddy doing the dropoff deed. I love the line-up of minivans and SUVs – come moveout time, these same vehicles aren’t anywhere near large enough to haul away the quantities of stuff. Does it grow? Have sex and multiply? Where does it all come from? Anyway, move in day means chaos is just around the corner. The peace and calm of campus is about to be replaced with 61,000 pushing, shoving, walking, biking, skateboarding, gaping lost individuals. It’s a wave that begins with today’s trickle and ends like an epic tsunami. Academic year 2006-2007, here we come.

Number 22 – Sparky


I grew up in a baseball town. In college, Presh and I never missed a game. There is nothing better than sitting in a ballpark watching a pitcher’s duel, except maybe FOOTBALL!!! Go Devils! I love ASU sports, even basketball. We have the best fans and the best teams and certainly the best mascot. Okay, The Gorilla is pretty cool and who does not love Baxter. But, Sparky rules. He has the energy, the moves, and a really cool name. Cooler than say, Wilbur…

Number 22 – ASU and Sparky

Counting down the top 30 things I love about Phoenix, and no the Cards even with Edge and Hollywood did not make the list.

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