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Rainbows Festival

On the off chance you are looking for something festive to do this weekend I recommend hitting up the Rainbows Festival. It is going to be at Heritage Square Park (7th & Monroe-ish) Saturday and Sunday from 10-6. There will be food, shopping, music, art, and (my personal favorite) people watching! Admission is free and the weather looks clear, so I hope to see you there :)

Number 6 – First Fridays


This is Andrea. She paints to explore that which she experiences. She is the second artist that I have had a chance to talk with and wish that we could have chatted more. The first artist I had a chance to get to know was a Russian expat who painted fat society women playing tennis. The Russian started off painting illuminations from Orthodox mythology, but an artist has to grow I guess.

It was the Second Friday and much less crowded than it was last week, and likely will be next week. This afforded us a leisurely chat with Andrea who seemed amused with her encounter with a bunch of bloggers. If you sqint you can see glimpses of what bloggers and artists share. These encounters are what I love about First Fridays and Phoenix.

Number 6 – First Fridays

Counting down the top 30 things I love about Phoenix as we head towards our one year anniversary at MBPHX,

Number 19 – Deep Fried Twinkies at the Arizona State Fair


The first deep fried twinkie I ever had was at the Arizona State Fair. I have yet to try the deep fried cheesecake, but I imagine that if I do it will also be at the Arizona State Fair. Along with my first camel ride. Cause is that not what state fairs are for?

Number 19 – Arizona State Fair and deep fried stuff

Counting Down the top 30 things I love about living in Phoenix.

Number 20 – 99 Ranch and Lee Lee Supermarket


Because, quite frankly, without them I would starve. Here, I can get new harvest rice, different rice for sushi, and rice noodles. I can get chin kung choy and fish that is not rancid. I can hear about twenty different languages and accents and the smells. Just the right mix of spice and mustiness. Phoenix still needs a good fish monger, amazing dim sum, and a Peets, but you see me complaining?

Number 20 – 99 Ranch and Lee Lee Supermaket.

Counting down the top 30 things I love about our city as we head to our one year anniversary at MetroBlogging Phoenix.

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