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Get Outside People!!!

The weather, at the time of this writing, is about 82 degrees. 82 degrees people!!! It’s time to go outside.

The beauty of living here lies in all the great opportunities for hiking. Unfortunately I’m not willing to brave the heat or wake up at the crack of dawn to do it so you won’t find me on the trails until cool weather hits. I’m preparing to hike the Grand Canyon in March and am significantly out of shape. The last 3 weekends I’ve gone to Piestewa – not to hike the peak but the surrounding trails. Today there was a cool breeze – it was lovely.

If you areĀ a beginner or out of shape I would suggest the Mohave trail. It has a nice incline and the summitt has a nice view of the city. It’s a relatively easy climb but the feeling of accomplishment when I finished it was good. Up and back is just under a mile. I vow there will be pictures – I keep forgetting to take my camera. But maybe that will just encourage you to go yourself…

Hiking is the quintessential Phoenix outdoor pastime. The views are amazing and the weather is right. So, get out there!

You Can Hear the Excitement Brewing…

The local news stations are all a-buzz. Conversations are happening around the dinner table and at the water cooler. People are stopping each other and asking if they have heard the news.

What is the event that has people so interested? Not politics, not the economy, but…

Other desert regions may be similar, but in my experience Phoenicians reaction to the promise of rainy days is fairly unique.

Rain is rare enough that we take pictures

Rain is rare enough that we take pictures


Almost, Almost Irish…

The title is from a song by Ceann called Almost Irish. The lyrics are pretty accurate to my situation as 3rd generation 1/2 Irish:

‘Cause I’m almost, I’m almost Irish
And I hope almost, is good enough for you
And I’m mostly, I’m mostly Irish
OK mostly I’m American it’s true
Maybe the little bit of Irish in me
Could be the little bit of Irish in you

What does this have to do with Phoenix? Because Phoenix has a large Irish population and a Celtic music scene.


Edgefest 2008

This Saturday, September 27, Schnepf Farms will once again host a major valley event. The Edge 103.9 is putting on Edgefest 2008 and I will be taking my 14 year old son, which is a bit overwhelming to think about.
If you have been reading my posts so far, you can tell I am a little bit outside the mainstream. I have eclectic tastes, but on the radio I tend to listen to mainly alternative. The Edge is pretty much the only alternative station left after several flag changes from the others. I am not thrilled about Adam Carolla in the morning, but as long as they keep the Ska Punk show, I will keep listening.
As for the show, my son is going to see the Flobots, I am going to see Gogol Bordello & Flogging Molly, and Chris is a fan of NOFX from way back.

I will have trouble making up my mind, because the line up is awesome:


Fetish Falls celebrates the Unique

On Saturday, September 6th, Fetish Falls in Tempe had a Party and I was there. Sometimes it is easy to forget that Arizona has this kind of scene.

Mask at Fetish Falls

Mask at Fetish Falls


Talk like a Pirate Day, AZ style

I have been running, and have been neglecting y’all. I have an event from the 6th that I will finish the write up on soon.

Meanwhile, while I am sitting in a training in Chandler tomorrow night, you can be practicing your Arrrrr’s and Me Matey’s for Talk like a Pirate Day.

The Arizona Corsair Network is hosting the Arizona Talk Like a Pirate Day at the Tavern on Mill.

Details: September 19 @ 7 PM
404 S. Mill (in Hayden Square)

From the site:

The largest pirate get together and party yet for the Arizona Corsairs.

“talk like a pirate” contest
best Pirate costumes (men and women) contest
Pirate Photo Booth
$2 rum shot with Arizona Corsair Coin purchase.

So be prepared to join in on this pirate raid of Taven on Mill Ave or you’ll only hear stories of how great it was.

McCain/Palin 08

McCain/Palin 08

Originally uploaded by katydaqueen

I am not about to use this forum to promote my politics, but this picture I snapped with my phone today goes beyond political boundaries. If you are going to show that kind of commitment to your party, spell your candidate’s name right.
(If you can’t see the note, it is spelled Macian. I tried three times and could not get a good non-glare shot. The bottom words are “Vote the Ticket”)

Spring Training Begins!

The weather’s turning warmer, and it should be 80 by the weekend again. The sky’s crystal clear and there’s something in the air. The return of Spring Training Baseball games is here again! Yesterday Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon threw out the first pitch from the mound of the Maryvale Baseball Park, a little low and in the dirt, but it made it the whole way! Over the next four weeks, there will be games spotted throughout the Phoenix area, at Papago Park in Tempe, at Surprise Stadium in Surprise, at the Peoria Baseball Complex, the familiar sound of the crack of wood on the ball will echo throughout the valley. Tourists will come for miles around, not knowing what brought them there, for it is money they have, and peace they lack.

Play Ball! If you want to check out a game, here’s the schedule, and feel free to pick up tickets from Phoenix-based Team One Tickets.

flu shot, not

flu2.jpgBeen down and out a couple of weeks with this cold/flu that’s going around. Not fun and I’m still full of drainage and coughing. Guess I’m glad to get it out of the way, but wish I just didn’t get it at all. I rarely get sick so am not very tolerant of illness when it does strike.

My best advice if you fall victim to this crud is to consume lots of OJ and warm water. Drinking warm water and breathing steam were the only things I found comforting between bouts of hacking and crouping. The dry, desert air is not conducive to recovery, so flood those damn germs out by warming your drinking water and consuming it in mass quantities. I took airborne and coldeeze and I think most of that stuff just ended up in the Valley sewer system. Since flu shots haven’t been given yet, wonder if it’s worth it to get one? Probably end up with another version of the stupid flu. Good luck.


I was watching a show on PBS and was surprised to hear of a golf course in the middle of Death Valley. So when I went to visit Agritopia and eat at Joe’s Farm Grill, I was amazed by how much grass there was in one community. Every front yard had a patch of Miracle Gro-induced grass, white picket fences, and Craftsman-style abodes which reminded me of the beautiful homes in Pasadena.

This past weekend, we finally ventured past Power Road to Queen Creek. There was an emerging private community called The Pecans. The entire community was one big pecan orchard. Lots (not homes) started at $400,000, and they had strict guidelines for homes built there. The whole concept was so surreal since the surrounding location was all undeveloped land. They will be building next March and I am sure those almost acre lots will definitely appreciate in time as has Agritopia.

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