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Momma’s Organic Market in Peoria

photo courtesy of Momma's Organic Market

So the wife grabs the local paper this morning and on the cover was a small little sticker advertising a local organic market. She opens the paper and starts to read about this market and all the wonderful things it has to offer.

Park West, a fairly new “open-air” shopping center, is home to “Momma’s Organic Market” every third Saturday of the month from September to April from 9am to 2pm. It offers locally grown organic fruits and vegetables, local mechants, and companies showcasing green products. They’re extremely kid friendly as well offering a petting zoo, a “bounce house”, story time, and face painting. The market spreads across the length of the shopping center giving plenty of room to sit and people watch; which is always a fun past time for adults. Park West itself is a fantastic place to shop, dine, and hang out at as well. From

The open-air center is anchored by a 14-screen Harkins Theatre, 9 sit-down restaurants, more than 50 specialty retailers and two beautiful parks. The center’s western resort feel includes relaxing “Bali” lounges, reflecting pools and wood shutters. The picturesque center also features outdoor fireplaces, unique art pieces, canopy-lined walkways and beautiful landscaping.

photo courtesy of Momma's Organic Market

Overall I think Momma’s Organic Market has a really cool vibe with or without the kids and the fact that most of the vendors there are locally owned businesses makes it worth the time to check out each month. For more info check out or their blog at

Friday Nights in the Valley of the Sun

phoenix friday nightsPhoenix Friday Nights (#pfn) has been going on now since January of 09 and has gained much success over the past few months. From their “About” page: “Committed to highlighting Phoenix’s vibrant nightlife, focusing on the arts, culture, food, and just plain fun that await in our burgeoning desert metropolis. Through participation in and partnerships with local businesses, arts organizations, and unique events in downtown Phoenix.” Both the East and West valley groups do things a bit differently but fun is still a side effect of the evening.

Tyson Crosbie, the one that got it all started, says that he broke off from yet another popular Friday night get together; Phoenix Friday Coffee (#pfc). “Austin Baker is passionate about coffee and started a Friday after work meetup to visit the local coffee shops. I started going and loved the community that built up. I saw that the groups were getting bigger than the venue and attempted to create an additional PFC coffee meetup on Friday. This caused a lot of tension in the community and a lot of confusion on Friday and so Phoenix Friday Nights was born. It had a similar call to action: Go out on Friday with friends and have a good time, but a different venue and geography. It was a place to meetup at local downtown businesses: Restaurants, Bars, Coffee, etc. as a starting point for the night.”

After a few weeks of meeting up in central Phoenix Evo Terra and few others from the East Valley decided to create their own spin off dubbed East Valley Friday Nights (#evfn). “Props for the concept go to Austin Miles for Phoenix Friday Coffee. It was nice & local for me, but coffee isn’t on my list of post-week libations. Tyson started #pfn. More like what I wanted, but too far & too late. So I made a commitment to show up at a place with good beer & good food on Friday on the east side of Phx. Turns out, lots of folks wanted to join me!” Since then, 3 more spin offs have come and spread across the valley. Never again can anyone in Phoenix say they have nothing to do on a Friday night; no matter what part of the valley you live in.

I personally know a lot of the people that attend these events and between watching them on Twitter, seeing the photos on Flickr, and hearing stories from them later on; these are meetups you don’t want to miss. Due to personal schedule conflicts, I am unable to attend these events on a regular basis but will be making a effort to at least start hitting up #wvfn in the future.

So check the site every week to find out where the meetups will be around the valley and join the fun. You’re guaranteed to at least meet some new people.

Quote of the Week

Downtown Voices Coalition is a group of about 90 stakeholders that work on issues affecting downtown Phoenix. They had a recent article on their web site about Dwell Magazine naming Phoenix Exurbs such as Verrado and Anthem (I think my home turf of Goodyear counts as well) as some of the “Worst in the US”.

The quote that caught my eye? had this to say about the recognition:

We hesitate to even call Phoenix a city; the decentralized home turf of Allied Waste would be best described as a 400-square-mile monument to sprawl, water waste, traffic bottlenecks, and crystal meth. Urban planning sometimes seems esoteric, but Phoenix offers a real-world reminder of why we need it.


Frank Luke Statue Restored

On August 28-29, powerful monsoon storms laid low the lone statue on the Arizona State Capitol Mall: That of World War One Ace Frank Luke Jr. for whom Luke Air Force Base is named. Gouges in the branch of a nearby palo verde indicated it probably smacked the statue right off its high pedestal.

The Fallen Statue


Almost, Almost Irish…

The title is from a song by Ceann called Almost Irish. The lyrics are pretty accurate to my situation as 3rd generation 1/2 Irish:

‘Cause I’m almost, I’m almost Irish
And I hope almost, is good enough for you
And I’m mostly, I’m mostly Irish
OK mostly I’m American it’s true
Maybe the little bit of Irish in me
Could be the little bit of Irish in you

What does this have to do with Phoenix? Because Phoenix has a large Irish population and a Celtic music scene.


Rainbows Festival

On the off chance you are looking for something festive to do this weekend I recommend hitting up the Rainbows Festival. It is going to be at Heritage Square Park (7th & Monroe-ish) Saturday and Sunday from 10-6. There will be food, shopping, music, art, and (my personal favorite) people watching! Admission is free and the weather looks clear, so I hope to see you there :)

UoP Stadium?

So it’s now the University of Phoenix Stadium? Makes it sound like UoP has a football team which is kind of funny considering they’re a lot online – but wait! How about a fantasy football team? They’re all online and legends in somebody’s mind. And how fitting – fantasy football in the new stadium – quality football in Arizona is really mostly just fantasy.

“Legal Aspects of HOA’s” Class at The Leadership Centre

***Correct Date Posted***

“Legal Aspects of HOA’s”
21 September 2006
6:30pm in room B160
Chandler-Gilbert Community College.

This class will be instructed by Augustus Shaw (The HOA Guy), Shaw & Lines LLC and is designed to provide participants with a practical foundation of the legal components of Homeowner associations. This includes creation and enforcement of codes, covenants and restrictions (CC & Rs), legal jurisdictions and obligations of homeowner associations, and rights of homeowners. As the laws are continually changing with respect to HOAs, legislative updates are included. This class is facilitated on a volunteer basis by attorneys specializing in community association law.

Class registration is $25. A light dinner is provided. For more information and to register please contact The Leadership Centre at or by phone at (480) 732-7174.

Number 7 – Civic Vitality


We could do a heck of a lot better in regards to registering to vote and then voting, or in the number of folks signing up to run for office (without committing fraud that is). But when the call goes out for volunteers, or there is a need to rally around a cause, Phoenicians show up. So here is the call. Get to know the good people at the Volunteer Center of Maricopa County. If you have a driver’s license, it takes about three clicks to register to vote. If you have room in your home call Carol and adopt a friend.

Number 7 – Civic Vitality

Counting down the top 30 reasons I love living here in the Valley as we head towards one year here at MBPHX.

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