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Vegas Pawn in Scottsdale

I recently had my first experience in a pawn shop. I stopped at Vegas Pawn in Scottsdale, partly because I had never before visited  a pawn shop and partly to see what sort of inventory they carried. I would never have thought about stopping in had I not watched a news show talking about businesses that do well in economic downturns – gun stores, gold brokers, pawn shops, check cashing stores, etc..

The shop is located next to Skin Cabaret in south Scottsdale. It kind of looks like it belongs in Vegas with the glitzy sign and the limos parked outside of the strip club next door.

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There is no missing the amount of security in the place. In order to enter the interior of the pawn shop you first enter a cage that sort of resembles the shark cages that divers use. Once your inside of these security gates an employee will buzz a gate open to allow entry into the shop.

I was surprised at their inventory. I had expected jewelry, gold, diamonds, stereos, computers and things but I had no idea that they also buy and sell cars, boats, atvs, and other vehicles. Nor did I know that you can buy or sell loose diamonds at their Scottsdale location.

It’s a friendly place and interesting place to stop in and browse. I didn’t buy anything or pawn anything but if I need to in the near future that’s where I would go!

Best Job Search Strategies?

What is the best way to job search in Phoenix? Of my last few gigs two came from personal referrals and one from a website. There are a lot of employment websites and I wonder how successful folks have been using them. I know a couple of people have had great success from Craigslist. Is old school networking still the best way or has Job Search 2.0 replaced it?

Number 2 – Jobs Jobs Jobs

Did you know our number one industry is construction? Take a ride out to the leading edges of the sprawl and you will be amazed. A cattle ranch one day, a suburb the next. Houses and regional malls keep popping up, because people are moving here in droves. Not to retire, but to work. My head hurts when I try to understand this economy, how construction of new houses spurs worker inmigration which leads to animal- testing Fortune 500 companies moving to Chandler with their better paying jobs which leads to another housing boom. Oh, and I am still looking for that really cheap cottage.

When Presh first visited the Valley, within the first week she had a number of great offers. A scan of Monster or Craigslist shows a number of great and a whole bunch of doesn’t suck jobs. Everyone I talk to who does not love Phoenix, says they are here because of the job market.

Number 2 – Jobs

Stay tuned for Number One…

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