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Almost, Almost Irish…

The title is from a song by Ceann called Almost Irish. The lyrics are pretty accurate to my situation as 3rd generation 1/2 Irish:

‘Cause I’m almost, I’m almost Irish
And I hope almost, is good enough for you
And I’m mostly, I’m mostly Irish
OK mostly I’m American it’s true
Maybe the little bit of Irish in me
Could be the little bit of Irish in you

What does this have to do with Phoenix? Because Phoenix has a large Irish population and a Celtic music scene.


Esquire’s Best Bars

Is it all bar news around here this days? Guess so. Esquire‘s June issue has their selections for Best Bars in America and two Arizona bars made the cut: the bars at the Hotel Congress (all four of them) in Tucson and La Gitana off in Arivaca.

Bikini Lounge

Tiki God

My Phoenix sources tell me that the story of the Bikini Lounge (1502 Grand Ave, Phoenix) is a simple one: opened in 1947 as a swanky tiki bar, then nothing was touched about the decor over the next 60 years. Well, that last part is not quite true — as Phoenix’s art scene has grown up around the bar, it’s received some attention from those artists, like the pieces by Michael Little that now cover the men’s bathroom (I didn’t peek in the ladies).

I only visit the Bikini Lounge once a year, so I’m no expert, but my visits do give the perspective of a time lapse video. Over the last few years, like with many dive bars, the clientele has gone from seedy to seedy plus hipsters. But there’s still plenty of folks who just come for the pool table and the cheap draft beer to compliment the art students and occasional DJ.

The News Room closes

In their 2006 Best Of, The Phoenix New Times named the Newsroom Lounge their “Best Neighborhood Bar, Downtown Phoenix” and noted “You’d better get down there soon before Mayor Phil Gordon and company decide to raze it in favor of some ugly urban renewal project.” Well, yeah:

Another colorful slice of downtown Phoenix history will slip off the landscape early Sunday when the News Room Bar closes its doors for good.

Owner Pete Palandri has reached an agreement to sell the 26-year-old bar at 505 N. First St. to make way for a $150 million dormitory for students attending Arizona State University’s downtown campus. [AZ Republic]

Number 17 – Cheap Pizza and Beer on Mill Avenue


Whatever my mood, usually cheap pizza and beer, I can satisfy it on Mill Avenue. Cheap pizza and beer? Check. Artsy movies and Guinness? Check. Pastries and coffee? Check. Yeah, there is a lot more to do there, but my needs are simple. Oh, and next Speak Like a Pirate Day the Serenity Now/Equality Now event comes to the Valley Art.

Number 17 – A warm Saturday night on Mill Avenue

Counting down the top 30 things I love about living in the valley.

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