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Downtown Voices Coalition is a group of about 90 stakeholders that work on issues affecting downtown Phoenix. They had a recent article on their web site about Dwell Magazine naming Phoenix Exurbs such as Verrado and Anthem (I think my home turf of Goodyear counts as well) as some of the “Worst in the US”.

The quote that caught my eye? Unrefinery.com had this to say about the recognition:

We hesitate to even call Phoenix a city; the decentralized home turf of Allied Waste would be best described as a 400-square-mile monument to sprawl, water waste, traffic bottlenecks, and crystal meth. Urban planning sometimes seems esoteric, but Phoenix offers a real-world reminder of why we need it.


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  1. twisteddog on October 18th, 2008 @ 10:41 pm

    The "Quote of the Day" is absolutely correct!!!
    Phoenix, AZ is a miserable place to live.. A horrible place to raise your children.. Workers are underpaid and work is hard to find.. The school system is terrible.. Everything (even the weather) is horrible.. Our County Sheriff enforces the law to the tee and makes the surrounding towns angry.. So please, please stay where you’re at.. DO NOT MOVE TO PHOENIX!!!!.. The grass is NOT greener here!!!

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