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On September 1st, a Metblogs founder, Sean Bonner, issued a clarion call for writers to illuminate this fine desert oasis we live in.
Three people answered the call. I was first, then Melinda joined, followed by Elmocho, also known as Chris and my partner. Between the three of us, we have managed to bring some life back to a wonderful resource that was floundering.

We need more help, though. Reply to the original post and come join us. The water is fine. I see, hear, and experience things everyday that I would love to blog about, but I run out of time.

The Valley is a great place to live. It frustrates me that we don’t seem to have the cohesive identity or pride of home that I see in other cities. We have things to do and places to go that are very much unique to the desert, and this is an opportunity to highlight some.

So what would you, the reader, like to see? Leave us a comment and we will make an effort!

Lake Pleasant in June by Chris Seggerman

Lake Pleasant in June by Chris Seggerman

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  1. melinda on October 4th, 2008 @ 8:06 am

    It’s exciting to really be in on the beginning of this for Phoenix! The lack of a cohesive identity that you mention was always a problem for me…until I moved downtown. I think for a long time Phoenix has been seen as devoid of personality. I don’t feel that’s as true anymore. Downtown people are starting to form an "urban" idenitity and with that there comes a greater feeling of community. I moved downtown for this sense of community and shared experience. Hopefully that feeling will spread into the surrounding cities. The one thing people have in common down here is that we do love living down here – there’s a lot of pride in where we live and the places we frequent. Most of the businesses are small and privately owned and people are loyal to the one’s they like. Just check out Yelp – a lot of the reviewers are downtowners and they have a lot to say about their community. I hope we can build this forum in that way as well.

  2. kborg on October 14th, 2008 @ 10:24 am

    Hey! Just read your post. I signed up a few days ago and have been looking at random city blogs to learn interesting facts and trivia about that city. I just love Phoenix but I know so little about it. You should recommend some good local fare or discuss big events that happen. Good luck with your blogging!

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