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Back in the Valley with a few recommedations for the novice golfers

I’ve been back in the Valley for a few months and hopefully can begin regularly posting.

Everyone knows the Phoenix metropolitan area is a fantastic location for golf and we have some of the best courses in the nation (world?).

Those courses are out of my league. :)

I just started playing this summer and realized what a great opportunity Central Phoenix provides to beginning golfers.

I began playing every Monday afternoon at the Encanto executive 9 hole course on 17th Avenue and Encanto. If it isn’t the most unpretentious golf course in the metro area it has to be close. Our foursome usually plays a round in about an hour; a single golfer or a quick pair can play it in 45 minutes. Where else could I take a break from work to play golf in the afternoon?

Summer rates are under $9 for a round and you can replay the course all day for free. It’s a great place for kids and anyone, like myself, doesn’t have the kind of game or the time to justify drop $80 on a round of golf.

Here are some pictures from another blogger.

Recovering from storm damage

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted but I’ll be back in town for awhile and will try to pick up the pace.

What’s new with me? My roof!

Remember the storm at the end of last August? Those 85 mile-per-hour winds removed the roof of both my office and parts of my house.

But it may have been for the better. The storm did damage to the roof and the inside of the house. I was already planning on re-carpeting my the living room and replacing the 70’s style wood planning in the large room at the back of my house.

Some of the damage to the room with wood paneling:

Sample of wood paneling:

Because my contractor could not match the 70’s style wood paneling with anything from the 21st century, I’m getting a break on replacing the wood paneling in the entire room! Goodbye 1976!

I’d like to recommend my contractors and insurance adjuster on Metblogs but I’d like to ask their permission first. Both were fantastic, especially considering how busy they were following the storm. I did use a tool online which gave me a pretty good perspective as to the quotes I would be receiving from contractors. Build Centric gave me free online quotes for both the interior paint job I’ll need completed and carpet installation.

Get Outside People!!!

The weather, at the time of this writing, is about 82 degrees. 82 degrees people!!! It’s time to go outside.

The beauty of living here lies in all the great opportunities for hiking. Unfortunately I’m not willing to brave the heat or wake up at the crack of dawn to do it so you won’t find me on the trails until cool weather hits. I’m preparing to hike the Grand Canyon in March and am significantly out of shape. The last 3 weekends I’ve gone to Piestewa – not to hike the peak but the surrounding trails. Today there was a cool breeze – it was lovely.

If you areĀ a beginner or out of shape I would suggest the Mohave trail. It has a nice incline and the summitt has a nice view of the city. It’s a relatively easy climb but the feeling of accomplishment when I finished it was good. Up and back is just under a mile. I vow there will be pictures – I keep forgetting to take my camera. But maybe that will just encourage you to go yourself…

Hiking is the quintessential Phoenix outdoor pastime. The views are amazing and the weather is right. So, get out there!

How are we doing?

On September 1st, a Metblogs founder, Sean Bonner, issued a clarion call for writers to illuminate this fine desert oasis we live in.
Three people answered the call. I was first, then Melinda joined, followed by Elmocho, also known as Chris and my partner. Between the three of us, we have managed to bring some life back to a wonderful resource that was floundering.

We need more help, though. Reply to the original post and come join us. The water is fine. I see, hear, and experience things everyday that I would love to blog about, but I run out of time.

The Valley is a great place to live. It frustrates me that we don’t seem to have the cohesive identity or pride of home that I see in other cities. We have things to do and places to go that are very much unique to the desert, and this is an opportunity to highlight some.

So what would you, the reader, like to see? Leave us a comment and we will make an effort!

Lake Pleasant in June by Chris Seggerman

Lake Pleasant in June by Chris Seggerman

Quote of the Week

Downtown Voices Coalition is a group of about 90 stakeholders that work on issues affecting downtown Phoenix. They had a recent article on their web site about Dwell Magazine naming Phoenix Exurbs such as Verrado and Anthem (I think my home turf of Goodyear counts as well) as some of the “Worst in the US”.

The quote that caught my eye? had this to say about the recognition:

We hesitate to even call Phoenix a city; the decentralized home turf of Allied Waste would be best described as a 400-square-mile monument to sprawl, water waste, traffic bottlenecks, and crystal meth. Urban planning sometimes seems esoteric, but Phoenix offers a real-world reminder of why we need it.


You Can Hear the Excitement Brewing…

The local news stations are all a-buzz. Conversations are happening around the dinner table and at the water cooler. People are stopping each other and asking if they have heard the news.

What is the event that has people so interested? Not politics, not the economy, but…

Other desert regions may be similar, but in my experience Phoenicians reaction to the promise of rainy days is fairly unique.

Rain is rare enough that we take pictures

Rain is rare enough that we take pictures


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