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flu shot, not

flu2.jpgBeen down and out a couple of weeks with this cold/flu that’s going around. Not fun and I’m still full of drainage and coughing. Guess I’m glad to get it out of the way, but wish I just didn’t get it at all. I rarely get sick so am not very tolerant of illness when it does strike.

My best advice if you fall victim to this crud is to consume lots of OJ and warm water. Drinking warm water and breathing steam were the only things I found comforting between bouts of hacking and crouping. The dry, desert air is not conducive to recovery, so flood those damn germs out by warming your drinking water and consuming it in mass quantities. I took airborne and coldeeze and I think most of that stuff just ended up in the Valley sewer system. Since flu shots haven’t been given yet, wonder if it’s worth it to get one? Probably end up with another version of the stupid flu. Good luck.

Spinach, Lettuce, What else?

I eat missing bags of spinach. I haven’t heard if it was safe to eat spinach or lettuce. I usually hear the bad coming out from the news, but they never (or I haven’t heard) let you know when it’s safe to go back to those things. For those of you that live in the Phoenix area, here is a great website to find your local farmers market.

Another Sex Offender Map

I know some may say that sex offenders are people too and that they should just be left alone and not be looked so discriminately through a magnifying glass, but since I’m actually a stalker, I would like to share my knowledge to the rest of you: Family Watch Dog

Tree update

We bought 7 trees from Moon Valley Nursery last week and they are now living in our backyard. They are all 15 gallon trees, which was the same size trees we had chosen for our front yard 2 years ago. The Palo Verde in the front has gotten really big and has bloomed beautiful yellow flowers once. We were supposed to take out the double stakes and the garden hose wrapped around its trunk last year and didn’t realize it until now that the garden hose has now left a scar on the poor trees trunk and branches.

I know we were supposed to get some desert trees for our proposed xeriscaping back yard, but we succumbed to the beauty of the trees that we chose. A ficus, arizona ash (which is at the sunniest spot in the yard and has brown leaves – I’m hoping this is normal), raywood ash, chinese elm, jacaranda, a lemon and orange tree. All of them, except for the Arizona Ash (how ironic) seem to be growing new leaves. They are growing well with the new drip irrigation in place and my daily observations of how they are doing every morning right before I go to work. It is strange to see something living in my backyard. Now my next project – composting and designing the hardscape and adding shrubs and smaller plants to the backyard.

You do not understand…

photo by Cracker Bunny

I believe.

You do not understand they tell me.

No, I watched the game I reply. They are better than the record. Matt is money. The defense did fantastic.

You do not understand the history of this team they tell me.

Did you see the game? They played their hearts out. One play here, one more break there and this team is a legitimate 4-2.

You really do not understand they tell me. You get 6 turnovers – you do not lose, unless you are the Cardinals. You lead by 14 in the first quarter and 20 at the half – you do not lose, unless you are the Cardinals. You have a Heisman winner put you in a position so that your Pro Bowl kicker can win the game – you do not lose (twice), unless you are the Cardinals.

Sigh… I want to believe.


I was watching a show on PBS and was surprised to hear of a golf course in the middle of Death Valley. So when I went to visit Agritopia and eat at Joe’s Farm Grill, I was amazed by how much grass there was in one community. Every front yard had a patch of Miracle Gro-induced grass, white picket fences, and Craftsman-style abodes which reminded me of the beautiful homes in Pasadena.

This past weekend, we finally ventured past Power Road to Queen Creek. There was an emerging private community called The Pecans. The entire community was one big pecan orchard. Lots (not homes) started at $400,000, and they had strict guidelines for homes built there. The whole concept was so surreal since the surrounding location was all undeveloped land. They will be building next March and I am sure those almost acre lots will definitely appreciate in time as has Agritopia.


Can someone answer this? Why punt with about 1:30 left on the clock? Yes, it is 4th and 23. But do you really expect to get the ball back? Why not call a red 16 option right or whatever…

The Fry Bread House

Because of them, I am overwhelmed. 7th Avenue & Indian School. Damn.

New Contest

State Fair opens tonight. Time for a contest. First one with a photo and review of Deep Fried Coke, wins.

Deep Fried Coca-cola report from WFTV (Dallas). Should that not be WTFTV?

Eat at Joe’s


The photo from my camera phone does not do the pizza justice. We tried Joe’s Farm Grill over in Gilbert for lunch today. I had the veggie pizza which was almost wonderful. A little too cheesy (yes, something can be too cheesy) for my taste, but topped with some very nice grilled veggies and greens. Presh had the BBQ Pork sandy (ala Joe’s other place) and we shared what was just about the best onion rings I have had in years. The grill is open for lunch and dinner and should do well here. I need to try the portabello mushroom burger next (Joe’s fave). The burgers look fancy and reports are that they are tasty in a “Fuddruckers” sort of way. Joe was on hand to greet folks. I meant to ask him where his old room was.

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