Whew and then some

caffeine.gifI developed an idea about what’s behind much of the crazy ass driving that goes on around the Valley. Every day I drink one large cup of coffee, brewed either by Einstein Bros or the MU at ASU. My selection comes not from the orange handled pot and liberal quantities of half and half are applied. This daily routine did not prepare me for Starbucks, where I met a friend for a cuppa this past Sunday. When I ordered, I could only get a mix of house blend and their anniversary “bold”. I told him to make the mix and leave room for milk. Well, let me tell you, I spent the rest of the day like a dragster on the line, revved to go. My insides quaked and shook and my attention span lasted between slim and none. My mother called in the late afternoon and I nearly took her head off for reasons I still don’t understand. Impatience ruled during that conversation. Still humming at 10:30 pm, I finally went to sleep around midnight; however, I woke up at 2:15 am, never to return to the land of nod.

Ugly describes those 24 hours. Considering that coffee is swilled by the gallon, along with so-called energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster (caffeine cloaked in vitamins), no wonder people are horrible drivers. Put my phone call impatience behind the wheel and you have cause for some of the uncivilized, unintelligent driving that occurs on our local roads.

As for me and Starbucks? Next time, orange handles, please and lots of room for milk.

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