Healing Field

For those interested, I just heard about the Healing Field, a moving 9-11 memorial, is at Tempe Beach Park through the end of today. There are a few thousand American flags on the grounds … one for each victim of attack.

There’s also a piece of the Trade Center down there as well.

I won’t be going, but if you do, be sure to save your money for the $25 souvenir t-shirts and $10 souvenir postcards.

As one east coast friend exclaimed to me earlier today, most New Yorkers in the Trade Center on 9-11 would probably puke both at the level of self-masturbatory, obligated regalia that we have attributed to this event and the commercialism thereof.

Be sad, never forget, love, hold one another … but continue on with life at the same time. What happened was terrible and tragic, and perhaps we should take a drive down to the lake to remember, but let us know that those who actually lost their live that day probably wouldn’t want it as such. You have an advantage. You were not there. Take advantage of freedom and liberty, until the scare tactics employed on us are removed due to the events of that day, in the name of security.

In the very most, visit Tempe. In the very least, stay home and do not embrace those (i.e. CNN Pipeline) who like to use this occurance to point to themselves rather then the lessons learned that day. The best tribute you can give these people, if you feel one needs to be given yet again, is to live life and embrace it for what you have.

You have an advantage. You were not there.

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