Is there an East side Staging Lot?


I picked my girlfriend up from Sky Harbor yesterday. I went in at the 24th Street entrance as it was just after work and I work on 24th Street. I have never used this entrance before. My girlfriend’s flight had been delayed twice already so who knew when it was going to arrive. I was a bit dismayed at the prospect of wasting a half an hour circling the terminal so I was quite excited to find the staging lot. I never knew that Sky Harbor had a staging lot and flight information board! Is there an east side staging lot like the one on the west side? It was extremely convenient. I was able to sit and enjoy (as much I could have hoped for) my meal (if you want to call it that) from Carl’s Jr. The flight information board shows all incoming flights and displays “Ready for Pickup” when the bags are available in baggage claim. Off I went as her flight displayed “Ready for Pickup” and I waited perhaps 3 minutes curbside before my girlfriend emerged. I’ll have to utilize this staging lot more often.

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