Big Mac

Here at the University warehouse building on Broadway & 32nd, the rain seems to be breaking up. I frown upon this, wishing against hope that it would rain forever, or at least for 40 days and 40 nights. I left my apartment this morning and became throughouhly soaked in the 20 feet from the staircase landing to my car, and again in the 15 feet from my car to the back door of my building.

I love the rain and the atmosphere it brings, and people at work seem to be calmer. It has been a stressful week and the rain brings a cleansing nature (a cliche statement, but so true — thank you M. Night), but now the rain has stopped and only the humidity remains, and the outside is lazy. It is so lazy out that not even the vagrents that surround our building have walked the extra five meet to ask me for money.

So, in turn for not being harassed, I buy one a Big Mac — not to be charitable mind you, but to remind them that being less pestering might get you places. Or, it might just leave you on the street corner for the rest of the Phoenix summer.

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