To the thrift stores!

Today my wife and I hit a few thrift stores with our friend Forrest, who recently moved from Indiana to teach at ASU and is going to be a pretty amazing asset to our arts community. (Check her Web site.)

My goal was to find some old records to use as art in album frames; Forrest wanted to find a table for her new place. We ended up with all that – and then some. In all, we hit a Savers, Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange and Go-Kat-Go, a great spot on 7th Street for all things vintage.

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At 69 cents a pop, I couldn’t refuse a few good (if not cheesy) 45s from Goodwill: Night Ranger “Sister Christian”; Survivor “The Search is Over” (my wife’s pick … honest); and New Edition “Lost in Love.”

The plethora of doo-dads, clothes and abandoned furniture gives thrift stores that unmistakable musty yet down-to-earth smell. For as similar as they all seem, there’s always something you can find that’s unique in each place. At Savers, we took home this metal, lunchbox-looking … thing. We don’t really know what it’s intended use is (or was), but it’s got this flip-down lid with little shelves inside. We’ll hang it on the wall and file mail/papers in it.

That was kind of the fun today. Taking odd, mysterious objects and turning them into something for our own purposes. Like that “Learn Square Dancing with Ed Gilmore” record. Once an album, now artwork.

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