Melting Parts

I think our cars may be melting. This morning, driving down the U.S. 60 at rush hour, traffic came to an abrubt halt when an Acura in front of me just dropped — dropped — its front bumper. This happened in the fast lane. I was able to swerve into the carpool lane to avoid a wreck, and then watched as the guy pulled to the side of the road. He had the most bewildered look on his face.

Today while driving to another building, at Broadway & 40th, there was a pickup truck that seemed to have split in half — pulled off the side of the road, the bed was just hanging off the chasis. The driver was on the side of the road, and had the same bewildered look as the other guy this morning.

Conclusion? I must begin traveling with my camera, and perhaps some duct tape.

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