To Those Who Heat Stroked Before Us …

I would love to write to you all now and tell you of First Fridays, my walk through the Zoo, the days I have enjoyed eating lunch atop the Sky Harbor parking structure … I would love to sit here and tell you all about my beautiful experiences in the Valley this week. But I can’t, in all honesty … I can’t lie. This last week I have moved myself from one air conditioned box to another — and hibernate for up to twelve hours at time in one of twelve bland khaki warehouse buildings that house University of Phoenix. I work there, I go to school there, I eat there.

I have reached the point — I reach this point every summer — where the heat is just too much and I curse it whenever I step out doors. There are many things I wish to go out and do right now, but this week, I have been lazy in my efforts and have instead retreated to the reccesses of comfort.

And now, currently, I am trying, straining to look at my city with new eyes right now and see all the things there are to tell you about that I have found that I love, and even the many things I hate, the things that we have up on other cities and even the things we lack (a decent youth hostel, among one).

In short, I promise my life will regain some momentem and therefore, readability, soon … but for now, the things I love most about Phoenix are all indoors.

To the West, and those who settled it.

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  1. gempix (unregistered) on July 12th, 2006 @ 10:20 am

    I get out very early in the morning. I have a yard to take care of and I can’t afford to have other people do it, so I have no choice. We have now arrived at the part of summer where even the early morning is not all that cool. So, I’m out there dripping sweat, but at least, I’m out there. Can’t wait for COOOOOOOOOOOOLLLL!

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