It’s TEMPERED glass people!

For some reason crazy stuff happens on the 202 at 24t Street. Today was no exception. Apparently a glass truck of some sort dropped quite a bit of it’s load heading eastbound. There was a field of glass probably 1000 feet long and two lanes wide just past the 24th Street on ramp. Now, I’m not a glass expert, but I DO know that tempered glass, when shattered, really can’t do any harm. The traffic however, had slowed down considerably and jammed up a bit, and there was a cop sitting with his lights on to alert people. Nonetheless, nearly EVERY single car approaching the “field” as I called it, would go out of their way to veer around it. I drove right over it and reveled in the fact that everyone else would probably be thinking “what a moron this guy is” when in fact that’s what I was thinking about everyone else. I mean really, you can pick up a handful of tempered glass and it’s about as safe as picking up a handful of pea gravel.

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