Today was the day

For the past handful of years I have made mental note of a day like today. It happens on the first truly oppressively hot day of the year. I forget about it each winter, but come brutal summer I am always reminded of the day in years prior. It’s nothing special really, just an observation that seemed to click in my head one summer long ago. Today is the day that Valley Metro busses break down en masse. Yes indeed, I saw 4 busses broken down today. The first at lunchtime on 32nd st and Thomas, the 2nd at 24th st and Indian School. Number three was during the evening commute, at 24th st and Loop 202, and the fourth on the 202 just east of Scottsdale rd. I should really start logging this day each year and 20 years from now begin estimating VM Breakdown Day and sell the statistics back to the City. I’ve been here since 1996 and it seems like the past 5 years or so I’ve filed this information away in my subconscious and each year when it happens I recall the previous years. Let’s hope that when Light Rail launches that this phenomenon doesn’t carry over. If only, instead of heat, it marked the arrival of Winter, would I be happy. Enjoy 114 this Sunday folks, we’re in it for the long run now.

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