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Attractive Graffiti?

Yes indeed. While I can understand the whole graffiti as an artform concept, it’s not something I appreciate on a regular basis. This piece however, very nice geometric composition, depth with a realistic vanishing point and I like the impact of black & white with a blue lining as a finishing touch. I’ll be returning with my digital camera to grab a high-res photo on Monday.

Hot spot or not

gelato.jpgChris, here, happy to join the Metrobloggers. Thought I’d jump in with a small discussion of a recurring local topic – the heat. Comments about our Arizona heat seem to surface in many places – local conversation, the Weather Channel, even the BBC. While I don’t exactly buy the “dry heat” thing, I can’t say it’s that much worse than those horribly sticky 85 degree/90 percent humidty days common to midwest summers. I relate Arizona summers to eastern winters spent in hibernation. Arizona summers create a hibernation of sorts, but at least we aren’t layerd in 2-1/2 tons of clothes. The sun is always shining and rain on the weekend is usually cause celebre, not an evil, plan-destroying plot. For those who like to self-indulge as a reward for heat endurance, I recently discovered a new treat — gelato. It’s an Italian dessert, much like ice cream, that is silky smooth and comes in an amazing variety of flavors. It has about 1/3 the calories of premium ice cream but doesn’t seem even a little bit like diet food. My first-ever dish was consumed at Gelato Spot, northwest corner of 32nd St and Camelback. My last two trips have been to Angel Sweet, Dobson Rd and Chandler Blvd. I found the gelato at both places equally delicious and suggest that convenience be your guide. I’ve heard there is a gelato place off the new 202 at Gilbert Rd.; however, Google hasn’t found them yet. I did find reference to Aunt Lena’s Creamery, a gelato place opening in the Fulton Ranch Towne Center, Arizona Blvd and Ocotillo Road. Maybe my source had her locations mixed up? Regardless, I highly recommend a trip to your nearest gelato emporium – reward yourself for being a stalwart, uncomplaining, heat-bearing Arizonan (Arizonian? Arizone? Have we had this discussion?)

More new authors, how about you?

MetroBlogging Phoenix welcomes back Kevin and welcomes Nash to the table. There are still seats left at the table if you want to join in on the conversation.

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Phoenix needs a MindCamp/Gnomedex/BloggerCon kind of thing. Anybody want to do the Mickey and Judy thing and put on a show? We can use the old Paulsen barn…

Number 20 – 99 Ranch and Lee Lee Supermarket


Because, quite frankly, without them I would starve. Here, I can get new harvest rice, different rice for sushi, and rice noodles. I can get chin kung choy and fish that is not rancid. I can hear about twenty different languages and accents and the smells. Just the right mix of spice and mustiness. Phoenix still needs a good fish monger, amazing dim sum, and a Peets, but you see me complaining?

Number 20 – 99 Ranch and Lee Lee Supermaket.

Counting down the top 30 things I love about our city as we head to our one year anniversary at MetroBlogging Phoenix.


Updated 30 July 2006 – Looks like it was a hoax. WTF?!?

Some idiot released a pet aligator in an apartment complex pond in Mesa. They have been draining the pond, but no gator as of the morning news. Several ducks have been munched and at least three eyewitnesses have reported seeing it. A six-footer? Presh is gearing up and will be available to assist later in the day. Gator Posse Ho! Stay tuned…

New Authors

Please welcome our two newest authors to the MetroBlogging Phoenix family, Chris and Libran Lover. Say hi to the nice people…

Are you a blogger who is passionate about our valley? Want to join the team at MetroBlogging Phoenix and our extended family in 40-something states and countries from here to Berlin, to Karachi, and Hell A? Then apply now:

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Number 21 – Super Duper Triple Jet Powered Fountain


They built a lake in the hills and installed a triple-jet powered fountain that shoots water over 550 feet into the air. That is taller then every building surrounding ASU. They then build a park around the fountain and mini-malls and houses around the park. This is what I love about the valley.

Number 21 – The fountain at Fountain Hills

Counting down the top 30 things I love about Phoenix and the valley.

It’s TEMPERED glass people!

For some reason crazy stuff happens on the 202 at 24t Street. Today was no exception. Apparently a glass truck of some sort dropped quite a bit of it’s load heading eastbound. There was a field of glass probably 1000 feet long and two lanes wide just past the 24th Street on ramp. Now, I’m not a glass expert, but I DO know that tempered glass, when shattered, really can’t do any harm. The traffic however, had slowed down considerably and jammed up a bit, and there was a cop sitting with his lights on to alert people. Nonetheless, nearly EVERY single car approaching the “field” as I called it, would go out of their way to veer around it. I drove right over it and reveled in the fact that everyone else would probably be thinking “what a moron this guy is” when in fact that’s what I was thinking about everyone else. I mean really, you can pick up a handful of tempered glass and it’s about as safe as picking up a handful of pea gravel.

“Prison Privatization at its Best”

Was reading my old hometown paper’s online edition this morning. The headline read Arizona prisons may get Island inmates. I bounced from there to Corrections Corporation of America’s website where they boast “Prison Privatization at its Best”. It is a fascinating read. I did not know that Arizona prisons import inmates from other states. Are we not producing enough of our own?

Number 22 – Sparky


I grew up in a baseball town. In college, Presh and I never missed a game. There is nothing better than sitting in a ballpark watching a pitcher’s duel, except maybe FOOTBALL!!! Go Devils! I love ASU sports, even basketball. We have the best fans and the best teams and certainly the best mascot. Okay, The Gorilla is pretty cool and who does not love Baxter. But, Sparky rules. He has the energy, the moves, and a really cool name. Cooler than say, Wilbur…

Number 22 – ASU and Sparky

Counting down the top 30 things I love about Phoenix, and no the Cards even with Edge and Hollywood did not make the list.

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