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My son is in 7th grade. He came home today asking me if I knew about the rally that happened last week. Did I know that we (the U.S.) are trying to make it a felony to be in the U.S. illegally? Yes, I said. Then he went on to talk about how two kids in his school walked out on different days — one a sixth grader and one an eighth grader, and that they have to be in trouble for ditching. How 70 kids from another junior high came by trying to get people to join them. How kids are painting “MEX” on their faces and arms. How he saw a sign saying something like “If Mexicans can’t be here, Americans can’t be in Mexico”. How there is supposed to be another march tonight, that everyone seems to know about it but he doesn’t know how. How even if the law passed, we don’t have that much space in the jails, so what would it do? (What would it do, I thought, except make being someplace you aren’t supposed to be on the level of murder. Check out the definition of felony on Wikipedia.)

Anyway, I’m with him, how DO people know about these things? I spent the last 20 minutes searching Google and reading articles, trying to find mention of maybe an organizer’s name, for example? I didn’t find much. Maybe I just missed it. Maybe I’m using the wrong keywords. Maybe I don’t know the secret handshake. Maybe I’m just oblivious (likely, that one.) I don’t know. But I do know that this affects us all. I am for immigration reform. I’m not for making it a felony. I’m not for saying “if you make it in, you’re legal”. The only illegal immigrants that I knew of personally were German and Ukranian, and I didn’t even know their names. But most of all, I’m for more access to information ahead of time. I think that is a huge problem with the United States: ignorance and lack of awareness.

And in case you think it’s not about the people that are here legally, did you know that there’s a provision to make it a felony for helping illegal immigrants? What does “helping” mean exactly? What’s next?

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