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Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Happy Mardi Gras! I’m just back from Louisiana after a looonnnggg weekend of eating fabulous food! Grits & grillades, crawfish po boys, “sweep the swamp” pizza, muffalettas, catfish, chicken fried steak, gumbo…you get the point.

I grew up eating the best home-cooked gumbos, courtbouillions, sauce picantes, etc. Now, I cook them, but I’d love to find a place here in town with Cajun/Creole food.

I’ve not been impressed with Baby Kay’s and, as far as I know, Justin’s Ragin’ Cajun is closed. I’m sad.

I guess I’ll just have to keep cookin’. No fun, when I’m cooking for just two of us.

I hope that you take this day, Mardi Gras, and keep New Orleans and the entire Gulf in your thoughts and your pocket books. There are so many worth while organizations doing great work in the area. It’s been six months, but there are years of work to be done.

I’ve listed a few organizations for you to consider supporting. And remember, you can make a donation by APril 15th and get credit for your 2005 taxes: — Red Cross Southeast Louisiana — Habitat for Humanity
http://www.cowboymouth.comCowboy Mouth Relief Fund for Musicians in New Orleans, and don’t miss some amazing music too — Buy a Junior League of NO cookbook and support the cause — The Common Ground Colletive, short term, immediate assistance for displaced citizens

So many great options, follow your heart. God Bless the great City of New Orleans!

Will it or won’t it?


The National Weather Serivce reports 30% chance tonight, 20% chance tomorrow. Even if it does rain, it will likely be one of those teaser storms that just makes your car look even dirtier and doesn’t even begin to wash away the layer of dust that’s been building up for 131 days now…. sigh.

Pancake Day


Who knew? This is why I love Metroblogging, you meet such interesting people and learn such wonderful things. Shrove Tuesday, I knew. But, Pancake Day? Thanks to Christiana from Metroblogging The City for the encouragement to sin and the link to Pancake Day. Pancakes are out of the way. Now for the sinning…

Dear Old Dude in the Orange Vest Working for Animal Rights (Herman McJenkins):

I respect what you’re trying to raising money for but I really wish you wouldn’t use deceptive techniques of entrapment to get people to donate. Wearing a neon orange vest and, upon seeing people, yelling, “Excuse me, but you didn’t see that sign over there!” tricks folks into thinking they’ve committed some pedestrian violation, which isn’t true. And then these startled people stop because somehow you, old dude, look somewhat official in your neon orange vest and fishing hat. Until you whip out your notebook of black and white xeroxed pages of cats and dogs sitting in cages. Until you start spewing out facts and information and asking folks if they’d like a free plastic Japanese fan and then placing it in their hands no matter their response. Then these folks know they’ve been duped. And it almost discredits the organization you’re working for because you seem like this crazed old man who may or may not be pocketing the donations. And when folks politely decline because they either a)don’t have cash or b)don’t want to write a check or c)are simply scared, you immediately pull the free plastic Japanese fans out of their hands and shove them back in your plastic grocery bag and turn your back.

I gave $20 one time to some nice kids at the Chandler Library who were working for the same organization you work for and were trying to raise funds and who didn’t trick me into donating. It literally pains me to see you everyday during lunch, standing in the same spot, tricking people and then again after work, standing in the same spot, tricking people. At first I felt bad for you because you were old and I thought you were wearing the vest because you were slow moving and didn’t want to get hit by a car in Old Town Scottsdale while toiling long hours to raise money for the protection of animals, but now I realize it’s all part of your plan. And I don’t like it one bit. I’m not sure if there’s some sort of competition going on for the person who can gather the most donations or what, but I don’t like your tactics. I’m picturing a plaque with whatever your name is (I bet it’s Herman McJenkins) on it over and over and over because your lying ways maintain your spot as the number one donation-getter.

I don’t mean to be so, well, mean but I don’t like being duped. Good luck in your endeavors of trickery. Just wait until Thursday when you stop me (because you apparently have Alzheimer’s and never remember that I work in the building nearby and see you each day). When you tell me to STOP and tell me that I DIDN’T SEE THAT SIGN OVER THERE, I’m going to say, “Yes, I did see a sign over there and it says MERCHANTS OF TRICKERY NOT ALLOWED ON PREMISES!”

Good day, Sir.

Bunnicula is coming

Ok, I have to admit that I had no idea what that was, but with a title like that I had to check it out. Turns out it’s a play, and it runs through March 12th. For more info check out the Childsplay web site.

Google Maps… a great way to bike

So I recently started biking again on a regular basis, not hardcore road cycling, but beach cruising as it were. Aside from cruising at the beach, Phoenix is the next best place to cruise. Prior to Google Maps I used Yahoo! Maps to figure out my routes. I prefer whenever possible, to ride within residential neighborhoods rather than the main streets. It’s safer, quieter, and much more visually appealing. On more than one occasion I could’ve mapped much safer routes through neighborhoods but was never sure if there was a bridge or pathway over the residential lake standing between me and my destination. Enter Google Maps. As far as I’m concerned, the Satellite view is the best feature to hit online mapping. Along the way I’ve found a few lakes with bridges simply by chance, but now I can know definitively if the route is a dead end or not. I just flip over to Satellite view and voila… bridge or no bridge.

It may never rain again…


People forget we live in a desert. They see the greenways and the parks and are able to suspend belief. Add to that the many newbies here that want what they had back there. The landscaped lawns and thirsty trees. They have yet to learn the ethic of water. But, the saguaro knows… And so does Judy.

Tom Leykis, Official Scumbag

I’m not afraid to say I listened to Howard Stern, for a year maybe, when he was funny, can anyone remember Mr. Sulu’s “Hey Now” clip?. I really don’t give a shit what Stern does, but I was disappointed with the fact that Sirius (which I considered to be the smarter of the 2 satellite radio companies) dropped a massive wad of cash and stock options on that loser. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, along comes this schmuckbag Tom Leykis. I mean really, this guy’s so wrapped up in his warped little mind and existence that I am shocked anyone would let him spew his absolute junk on the radio. Even more shocking is the fact that he’s got fans. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some preacher on a pulpit or even religious for that matter, but I listened to his show as I drove home today (know thy enemy) and the topic for the 6 o’ clock hour was “Call in and tell me in what way I’m the dad you never had”. And why would anyone want to look up to this guy as “dad” even? Seriously, this guy objectifies women more than Stern does. It’s sickening. I like the concept of the Jack / Free radio format, but man are these stations so cash strapped that they’ll let a guy like that on the air? Yesterday he had a fellow schmuckbag on the air, some guy that runs a company providing a “false alibi” service to anyone that needs one, whether you need to cheat on your wife, impress someone by lying to them, live a lie or a dual life, etc. Absolute degeneracy is what’s taking place on that station. I won’t even mention what frequency because they don’t deserve a mention with the fecal matter they spew onto the airwaves. What the F is ‘merikan cullchur (as that moron bush would pronounce it) degrading to? I’ll tell you what, a big greenish brown fuming puddle of goo resembling diarrhea with a penchance for immediate gratification at any expense and a combined IQ of 65.

If I ever see this guy walking the streets I’d almost convince myself to lop his tiny head off Ninja style, if only I carried a Katana sword with me. In lieu of that I’d have to go with a Wolfy-Bezerker style termination.


Before I get into this, I’d just like you all to admit up front that you’re jealous and you’re crying into your pillows each night that you’re not going to see Bea Arthur’s one woman show this weekend but you bear me no grudge. And if you’ve actually got tickets to her show, then I invite you to join my fan club and subscribe to my newsletter.

Saturday night is the moment I’ve been anticipating for at least the last 10-15 years of my life. No more will the witticisms of Bea Arthur be contained within my television set. I will see her and her shoulderpadded sequined jacket live and in person. She will sing. She will tell jokes. She will make that face where she raises her eyebrow and sets her mouth to punctuate a sarcastic remark. I love you, Bea!

Great movie, just don’t go out and buy one

Eight Below, what a great movie. All I have to say is, if your kid asks you to buy them a Husky, DON’T. That is unless you’re familiar with Huskies as a breed and can accomodate them. I have 2, and they’re a handful. Wonderful, but a handful. Here’s a link that will explain some of the Cons of owning a Husky. And for the love of dogs, if you do decide on a Husky, PLEASE ADOPT! Either from the pound, other shelter or! I adopted one of mine from the pound and there were at least 10 – 15 Huskies there. The other I adopted from a lady who got in over her head with the dog and couldn’t handle her anymore.

And no, it’s not torturous to own Huskies in Phoenix. Their coat acts as insulation, from cold AND heat. One of my Huskies will sunbathe until it hits about 95 degrees.

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