Back in Town – and Riding the Bus.

I’m back in the US until at least mid-February, have some breathing room with a new work project, and am taking a break from remodeling my house. So my New Year resolution is to start posting more often!

After enjoying mass transit in Europe I decided to get on a Phoenix bus for the first time.

I’ve heard terrible things about our bus system and I’m not in the position to argue these points. Fortunately I wasn’t in the position where I had to ask myself the unenviable question “How do I get to where I need to go?” I was looking to see where I could go.

Using‘s convenient trip planner, I took a 2 minute walk around the block and headed down to the The Orginal Hamburger Works for a beer.


Distance: 8 miles.
Travel time: 15 minutes.
Time spent waiting for the bus: about 30 seconds.
Walking time to the stop: 2 minutes.
Odors on the bus: priceless

JUST kidding about the last bit. This is always a complaint I hear about mass transit. I think Americans are uniquely sensative to odor. It’s easier to wait out the time it takes to get used to the odor of cooperative travel than it is to avoid it.

Parting tip: The Original Hamburger Works has great burgers. Stop by on a Monday or Tuesday night for a beer, food, and some good company with the bartender Carla.

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  1. Gayle (unregistered) on January 4th, 2006 @ 8:03 am

    So, the question is…will you choose the bus as a form of transportation when you NEED to get somewhere?

  2. Kevin (unregistered) on January 4th, 2006 @ 10:11 am

    If it’s in Central Phoenix – yes. I’m planning on taking the bus to a few Suns games. (Not sure if you can call that a need…) :)

    If I needed to go somewhere outside of Central Phoenix…probably not. But I’m not familiar with the express buses. Maybe it’s more practical than I think.

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