Cyber High

There is an interesting article in today’s Arizona Republic about “Cyber High,” the new high school in downtown Phoenix that is set to open next month. Cyber High will focus on giving high school students specialized technological training, in addition to the standard high school curriculum.

The only problem is that no one has registered! Maybe I haven’t been paying close enough attention, but this is the first time I’ve heard of it myself. Perhaps they need a better marketing plan, because it seems like this would be an easy thing to recruit for given how many tech-savvy high school students there are these days.

Given all the concerns about the United States falling behind in our education standards compared to other countries, the concept for this kind of specialized high school is really intriguing and seems like it could be a model for other areas of interest that would better prepare students for our ever evolving global economy. This is especially important for Arizona since our state often ranks low against other states in terms of education standards.

So hopefully initiatives like Cyber High will put Arizona on a track to being a national leader in the effort to better prepare students for life. Good luck Cyber High!

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