Because It’s Not Yet Time For The Menorah, I’m Bringing Out The Jugband

There is really nothing better than picking up Chinese takeout and watching the Emmett Otter’s Jugband Christmas dvd that you just bought at Target. Did anyone else grow up watching this movie? The score is fantastic. And seriously, you can’t beat a little otter boy that wears grandpa pants and suspenders and plays in a jugband. If you want a change from A Christmas Story, I highly recommend it.

It’s interesting to watch this Muppet special, which was initially put together for HBO about 30 years ago. Not all of the puppets are hand puppets, and none of them are mechanized. In wide shots, they’re moved like marionettes and it’s kind of charming to still see the strings every once in a while. This movie used to make me cry, but this was around the same time that Flight of the Navigator, Secret of Nimh and The Neverending Story made me cry. Something about puppets and/or animated animals and/or boys developing friendships with aliens voiced by Paul Reubens and all learning life lessons, I guess. I didn’t cry last night, but I realized how great the music is and I laughed outloud in the bloopers. Oh, you didn’t know that Muppets can have bloopers and outtakes? Well they CAN and sometimes they are HILARIOUS.

And did I tell you that there is a gang from another town that ride snowmobiles? There IS! And did I tell you there is a talent show with the gang’s electric rock band that goes up against Emmett’s jugband? There IS!

In other news, I am a huge nerd.

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