A Little Taste of the Middle Kingdom

Last Sunday, my Chinese professor took our class (all 4 of us) to Golden Buddha for Dim Sum, and it was fantastic. The staff were incredibly friendly (a huge peeve of mine is bad staffing, but more on that later) and the atmosphere was terrific. Golden Buddha is located in the Chinese Cultural Center not far from downtown Phoenix (I think). What struck me was the authenticity of the food. You can always tell when Chinese food is authentic because there will be more Chinese patrons than American ones. That was definitely the case at Golden Buddha, and evident from the confused looks on the faces of my non-Chinese classmates and our guests. (I suppose they were expecting lo mein, chop suey, or other “familiar” Chinese dishes.) They serve Canton-style dim sum, so it may be different from the dim sum served in Boston or San Francisco. The dim sum restaurants there tend to serve Shanghai-style dishes. I definitely recommend taking a trip over to the cultural center, not only for the food, but for the little shops and events there as well.

COFCO Chinese Cultural Center
668 North 44th Street, Suite #228
Phoenix, Arizona
General Information

Look for me eating a table-full of desserts! (especially the red-bean cakes)

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