Incidents like this make me sad.

Just as my former high school gets graded a Highly Performing school (only a few in the entire country have this honor), some idiot kid had to put the school in a bad light. Seems a 14-year-old freshman at Barry Goldwater High School followed an elderly woman (who’s grand-daughter is also a student) to her home. He asked her if he could use her phone, and started sexually assaulting her. He ended up raping the poor woman, and as result has gained lots of media coverage here in the Valley. The kid’s behind bars for now, but I don’t know what punishment he’ll get from this.

I’m nearly speechless. BGHS had been known for years as the “ghetto school” and as inferior to others; even when I went there from 2000-04. To have this happen puts them in an even more negative light.

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