Scandinavian Excess

Probably, you normally associate Scandinavian with minimalism, not excess. Except in the case of IKEA. Of course, though, that’s American excess in a Scandinavian minimalist environment.

I love IKEA, but it’s a mad house. You wander though the aisles like spawning salmon. You don’t have any control over where you want to go.

We are blessed with the IKEA at Warner and I-10. It’s a great addition to the Phoenix Metropolitan area. If you haven’t been to IKEA, I highly recommend to pack the kids and a juice box and head over for a looksee. No need to pack a lunch as there’s a cafe in the store. Stop by for Swedish meatballs, ya?

Do you know what IKEA stands for?
The I and K stand for Ingvar Kamprad, the Swedish gentleman who founded IKEA in 1943. The E and A stand for Elmtaryd and Agunnaryd the farm and village, respectively, that Mr. Kamprad grew up in.

The Tempe IKEA is 342,000 square feet! My house could fit in that store 342 times! It would have 684 bedrooms and 684 bathrooms! That’s excessive.

So, anyway, the whole point is this…I found the PERFECT time to go to IKEA. Monday at 11 a.m. It was dead. No one was there, I breezed through the aisles with little competition with my IKEA shopping cart.

Have you noticed that the shopping carts at IKEA are perfection? They actually go forward, backward and even glide sideways. My shopping cart at Safeway always skips, jumps, bumps and tries to get away from me. Not the IKEA shopping carts.

But at 11 on Monday morning, IKEA is quiet, manageable, and there were plenty of staff around to offer assistance. The staff really is good — super helpful and they know their stuff.

$600 and 2 hours later, I was on my way. Back to my car only 11 parking spots away from the front door.

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