More Observations on Arizona (in no particular order)

When I first began writing for Metroblogs, I talked about a few things I had noticed about the Phoenix area that differed from my home back east. Now that I’ve been here for almost 3 months, I have more to add:

The weather in Phoenix is confusing. When I wake up in the morning and go to my 8:30 class, it’s really cold outside. I put on a sweater, and am still cold. The air has barely warmed by the time I leave my second class at 11:10. But when I leave my afternoon classes (around 4:00pm), it’s somewhere around 80 degrees outside. This is utterly baffling. Not from a scientific point of view – the science behind it makes sense. What gets me all confused is that back east, the warmest part of the day is usually around noon, not in the late afternoon, early evening. The major issue (for me, at least) is that this creates a wardrobe problem. What I put on in the morning is completely inappropriate for the afternoon. Which means I have to change, so that’s 2 outfits per day. That’s a lot of laundry!

This kind of goes along with the weather, but I’ve decided that it merits its own paragraph. Even though it’s much cooler now, I still live in the desert. My body understands this, as it still gets dehydrated alarmingly fast. However, my brain thinks that because it’s not 100 degrees out, I don’t need to drink as much water. Not true! You still need to drink a ton of water, even if you’re not sweating through your clothes! In an effort to keep myself hydrated, I have resumed bringing my water bottle to class. (though that also helps keep me awake – can’t swallow if you’re sleeping)

Someone else posted about this a little bit ago, but the driving, oh the driving. Seriously people, do you not have to take the same drivers’ exam the rest of the country has to take? Do pedestrians not have the right of way in Arizona? Today as I was walking to my car from the store, an older woman in a Corvette (you know, there’s a whole ‘nother post waiting on that one) didn’t even slow down as she approached me crossing the road. Usually, that perks up the inner bitch in me and makes me walk very slowly (and almost stop) in front of their car, but something told me that this woman was not going to stop for me. I was right – she almost ran over my foot. There are so many other stories I could relate, but I think you all get my drift.

Is football not big in Phoenix? Is that because the Cardinals suck? Or is it just that football fans congregate somewhere I don’t know about? In the 3 cities I’ve lived in on the East Coast – Pittsburgh (still technically East Coast, thought not coastal, per se), Baltimore, and Washingtong, D.C. – football has been HUGE. Like, no one is on the streets on Sunday because they’re all inside watching the game huge. That’s all anyone ever talked about between August and January, and usually a bit before and after as well. But here? Never hear a thing about it. Why is that?

There appears to be a lot of suburban angst among the teenage population. Why is that? At the Arrowhead Mall, you see all these angry looking teenagers, and it really makes me wonder. How bad can their lives be? They live in suburbia and are given an allowance large enough for them to purchase $68 sweatshirts that say “Bitter” or “Rebel” (the verb, not the noun). Ok, maybe this one’s not just an Arizona thing. But still! Makes no sense.

Anyway, I apologize for not posting that often. School’s killing me. At least it’s school, and not a woman in a corvette, right?

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