The last time I will ever go to a race at PIR

Happened today, November 13, 2005. I’ve been going to the NASCAR Nextel Cup events at Phoenix International Raceway since… I’ll say around 2000 or so. I’ve always had a great time, cheering on my favorite drivers and hoping they do good. However, I realized that it’s just not fun anymore. It was blistering hot outside, I didn’t get any sleep the night before, and the seating on the bleachers is very cramped. About the only upside to everything was that my guy Elliott Sadler got a career-best 11th place finish at PIR. He’s won races before, but has never been good here. I was very glad he got 11th. However, watching 43 cars in hot weather going in circles is more fun on TV than it is live. I jsut realized that today after my awful experience.

Long story short: Unless I’m in a luxury suite, I will never go to PIR again as long as I live. It’s just not worth walking miles from the parking lot to the track in 96 degree weather.

And on an unrelated note: World Wrestling Entertainment star Eddie Guerrero was found dead in his hotel room in Minneapolis. He was only 38, and was a legend of professional wrestling. My thoughts go out to Eddie’s family and close friends/fellow wrestlers Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio.

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  1. Brian (unregistered) on November 14th, 2005 @ 4:24 pm

    I as well have been a PIR regular and discovered something I never would have thought of, the fate of free tickets. I am a big time NASCAR fan, own my own high dollar scanner, been watching racing since I was a youngin, I used to watch my current favorite driver, Travis Kvapil, race back in Illinois on the local short track on Saturday Nights, etc., etc. So I was excited when one of my sales reps gave me tickets to there Corporate village/pit passes/Petty Grandstand Tickets. The problem came once we started watching the race. Most of the people around us weren’t true fans, they were just there because of the free tickets, and made it an unpleasant experience.
    For instance, alot of die hard fans won’t get up to leave during the race. Kinda like someone who is really into a movie at the theater. Most of the poeple around me got up and went to pee/get drinks or food/go do whatever multiple times which ment we had to do the turn and squeeze to let them by. Not fun. There was also the “I’m not a NASCAR fan but I know the names Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson so I’m gonna shout there names as loud as I can with obscure references to NASCAR terms like I know what I’m talking about all while I spill my 10th beer on everyone around me” guy. I think the police finally carted him away, but not until he had gotten his 14th beer.
    This will probably be one of my last PIR races as well, mainly because next year I’m going to have Texas Raceway season pass tickets which hopefully will mean those around me will be real fans and make it a more enjoyable experience. Next time I’ll pass on the free tickets, unless as Beau mentioned, they’re in a luxury suite.

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