Mosquito Mambo

My yard is abuzz with mosquitos. I think they’re somehow nesting in the koi pond, but it’s getting ridiculous. I need but stand outside for five minutes and a swarm will appear around me. While this would typically be just a nuisance, this whole west nile virus thing has got me wondering how I might go about destroying the source. Any ideas?

Ordinarily I would have no problem liberally dousing the area with pesticides. Or I could just stop watering the area and dry it out. But my poor innocent koi would be destroyed by either of those solutions, so I’m looking for a way to kill the skeeters without damaging the fish.

My yard has been an exercise in tolerance for me. It’s lush enough that it harbors all manner of crawly things. Slugs, geckos, yellow jackets, mosquitos, crickets, ants, cockroaches, woodlice, spiders galore. I hate all of those things in varying amounts, and one of my favorite Arizona features has always been the lack of crawly animal life.

Speaking of woodlice, I was just reading about them on wikipedia and discovered that they are actually crustaceans! They’re closely related to an aquatic species that looks much like them but are horrifyingly large and scary looking. See here for details about them including alternate names… (roly-poly being what we called them in Oklahoma)… here for information about their gigantic aquatic cousins… and here, and here for images of the big ones that’ll give you crawly nightmares for weeks to come.

And as if that weren’t enough, I found many recipes for preparing and consuming them. Apparently they’re similar in flavor to shrimp.

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