This is my first summer in a house instead of a condo, and the electric bills are killing me. It was a sharp, sharp incline once it got warm… it’s a lot of air to keep cooled. I switched to a time-of-day plan to save a bit of money, but today I finally swapped out one of the old mercury switch thermostats with a digital, programmable replacement.

Even though digital thermostats are more efficient and save energy, I have to admit that part of me is sad to remove the old ones. It seems like everything these days is a black box. When I was a little kid and I opened up one of the old style thermostats… I could see before my eyes an ingenious mechanical creation that demonstrated a number of scientific principles. Now, I’d just see a leads for the inputs and a couple of jumpers.

Then again, mercury contamination sure was a pain in the ass.

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