Shop Days

I’ve been super busy the past few weeks, working on my truck, and its come to my attention that I’ve run out of space. Trying to work on 2 trucks in a 2-car garage gets pretty cramped, and I’m just tired of dealing with it.

So I put out a feeler to my real estate agent, to see what’s out there that I can afford. What I’m looking for is essentially warehouse space — a roll up garage door, a large workspace, a bathroom, cold a/c and a small office, maybe 10X10.

A few years back I had a business in the Scottsdale Airpark, and I was able to rent out 2000 sq ft for $1000 a month. I figure I can deal with a smaller space, maybe pay around a grand a month, hopefully a little less. Either way its an improvement over the 400 sq ft I have now.

Not an hour after I sent out an email, my realtor comes back with 4 properties that fit the bill. One of them is right by ASU, and although thats not exactly ideal considering I live in North Scottsdale, the location would be great to pull in some side jobs near campus.

Me and the lady end up piling in the tC and heading down there to check it out yesterday, and lemme tell ya. Wow.

The location isn’t quite as ideal as I thought originally. It’s back off the main road, by a good 100 yards or so, and not visible from the street at all. In fact you have to go through two different complexes to find it. The building itself isn’t mammoth, but there are 8 stalls cramped into each side of the building that looks like its been standing there since 1940. It’s brick construction, and when you see it, you think that its the place that time forgot. I mean seriously, this place is shoved into a corner and even though I’ve frequented the nearby businesses, I NEVER knew this place was there.

At best, you’d call this place a dump.

But for me, it just might be perfect. I’ll keep you updated.

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