I’ve got one tree in the front yard that I can’t seem to identify. There are two weeping willows- one of which has finally succumbed to the heat, I think. There is a white orchid. And then there’s this tree that looked frail earlier in the year, but then shot out an amazing barrage of brilliant purple flowers in the spring and has been thriving ever since. And it is, apparently, fertile.

See, ’cause when I got the notice from the city warning me to keep things under control “or else”, one of the things they said could’ve flagged me for notification was weeds “exceeding six feet in height.” Exploring the yard, I actually found a few clusters of “weeds” that were at least seven feet tall. But then a few days ago, a friend of mine was looking around and I found one of the “weeds” that the landscapers missed. She said, “That’s not a weed, that’s a tree!”

Lo and behold, the newly thriving tree has spawned EVERYWHERE, and it grows incredibly fast. I’ve found no fewer than five locations where it’s started growing, and each of them had shot up to several feet in height within a few weeks. Two of them were taller than me. The couple that remain may get a chance at transplantation… I just need to have the weeping willow corpse exhumed and then I’ll plant one of the little guys in its place.

I’m not used to such plant fertility taking place around me. I’ve always been the type to kill plants- and believe me, I’ve killed plenty. So far this summer, I’ve kept two house plants, a number of trees, a (growing) school of koi, a snake, and five or six palm seedlings alive. That reminds me, I need to transplant the palms to new locations before they get too big.

Oh! And I found a decent projector for the yard on eBay. It should be here on Thursday, and I’m thinking about having an inaugural showing in a couple of weeks. I’m conducting a highly scientific poll to select the opening night film- so far Barbarella is winning. Head over to the blog to vote for the movie selection.

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