Tile Roofs

7 years in a house with a tile roof, and here’s a few tidbits I learned the other day, maybe you’re interested.

So those tiles aren’t light. Apparently they put them on first, because 100 sq ft of those bad boys is around 2400 lbs. They actually install them before they do any sheetrocking, because it helps to settle the house. Otherwise sheetrock would crack, and that’s no bueno.

Another little tid-bit. Apparently tile roofs are called “50 year roofs” because they never need maintenance.

Yeah that ain’t true.

Turns out you need to wash the gutters out, and by gutters I meant the areas where two different peaks of the roofs meet.

If you don’t, then you have to climb up there, and push out all the crap that’s accumulated in there or else you’ll get a leak.

Like the one I have in my office.

So since getting a roofer during monsoon season is harder than trying to get Lindsay Lohan to eat a cupcake, the very acrophobic Kevin Whipps will be climbing onto his roof this week to clean some gutters.

Good times.

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