Small Town

After gassing up the car at the Chevron station on Camelback and 7th, the good old VW REFUSED to start. Ugh. That freakin’ alternator is KILLING me. It was hot. I was pissed. Grrrr.

Luckily the wonderful man in the next pump over offered to jump the battery. Jim. Great guy. He drives a super sweet BMW. I’m thinking..ok..this baby will be powered up quick. Opening up the hood, Jim admitted that he had no clue where the battery was located. Heh. That’s funny. So we got out the Owner’s Manual and started thumbing through the index. We came across the index entry. 12-5. Ok…now we’re in business. Yeah. Not so much. The picture looked NOTHING like what we were staring at in real life.

Fortunately, MICK from Champman BMW just happened to be filling up a fleet car and stopped by to see what he could offer up. Mick informed us that the battery for BMW is…in the trunk. WHO KNEW? Clearly not Jim or I! But he said you can jump the car by placing this…here…and that…there.

The VW roared back into life! Mick informed me that he just started school last week on VWs.

I guess my point is this…even though Phoenix is a huge city – there are still TONS of great, helpful people who live here.

I hope I can return the favor one day to someone who needs help.

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