Neighbors from Hell

A few days ago, I heard the apartment community maintenance staff working inside the vacant apartment next door to me. I’m guessing the previous tennants left a mess inside, because the crew was making a lot of noise inside. Today, I heard people moving in. Please, please, let them be good neighbors.

You see, the last two sets of neighbors I had were horrible. At the end of last October, two young girls moved in. I met the mother of one of the girls, and she told me her daughter and friend had moved down from Alaska to attend school at DeVry, which is just down the road. The girls were, I’d say, in their late teens or very early twenties, and appeared to be very nice and well-mannered. Oh, I was so wrong. Since both apartments are on the second floor, we share a common staircase. I heard every conversation they had as they came and went, and I was also an uninvited “guest” for every party they hosted, and they partied quite often. I was advised by the management staff to call the non-emergency police line whenever their noise became excessive, and no matter how often I called, nothing helped. One night (3am) I woke to the sound of one of the girls crying and screaming while her male friends talked, laughed, and farted (!!!) by my bedroom window. I thought about getting up and satying something until the girl started telling the guys to get out and leave her alone. I figured it probably wasn’t wise to confront them. Eventually they all calmed down, but not before someone threw a wet tennis ball at my window. Nice.

A few months ago, I was told my the management that the girls had moved out, but their male friends had moved in. Nice. These guys turned out to be worse than the girls. They partied almost nightly, left broken beer bottles laying around, and had girls over who complained very loudly about having been punched in the face by them. They were supposedly warned multiple times to shape, but nothing really ever got better. One of the last times I called the police, I actually heard them come up and ask them to quiet down. The same girl who complained about having been punched covered for the guys and said they weren’t playing music at all. Not ten minutes after the police left, the music started up again.

I was cautiously optimistic when I didn’t hear or see of these guys for about a week. I noticed their porch light stayed on for days at a time, and everything seemed to be untouched. I finally asked and was told they were gone. They hadn’t been evicted, but they left without notifying anyone. I was told that the police had been looking for them and that I should keep an eye out and call 911 immediately if I happened to see any of them. Nice.

Please, God of Apartment Living… let these new neighbors be nice and quiet and normal!

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