Rockin’ and Rollin’

Oh it’s on. Again.

I officially started my training for the Rock N Roll Marathon today. It’ll be my 4th marathon and I’m looking to improve my time this year – by leaps and bounds. In the past I’ve just kinda trained…not really taking it very seriously. I merely wanted to “get through” and finish without dying. So far – I’ve succeeded.

I put on the ol’ iPod, rolled over to “Running Music” which consists of disco and Broadway. You know – something that has a little kick to it – but doesn’t make me angry. Running through the gayborhood, it was very quiet as most people are are work. Dogs barking and lawn mowers from all the landscaping crews out tidying up all the faggotyhomo’s lawns. A great morning here in Phoenix. I’m not minding the overcast-ness at all!

Without fail, when I get into the “zone” of my run – I stop paying attention to my surroundings – you know – enter into my own Runner’s World which means..I start singing out loud. Heck, I’m on a frikken street and no one should be listening to me. Jive Turkies. I guess I kinda got a little out of control during my set of Helen Reddy tributes as Angie Baby garnered a few honks from passing by cars.

Bringing it down a couple of notches, I finished my run in about 45 minutes. Not bad. But that was only half a mile. Kidding. I was surprised at how much easier it was since I’ve lost about 20 pounds. Who knew that 160 could feel so good?

We’ll see how far I progress in the upcoming weeks. This is REALLY gonna cut into my drinking time.

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