Is that all there is?

One more weather-related post and I’ll blow my head off. *sound of gun cocking*

Oh, ohhhhhkay, just one more.

As Karin just pointed out, today was gorgeous. Low 90s, and we’re looking to get another day like this on Wednesday… woo! I think I suffer from summer depression, sort of the flip side of SAD. It’s reportedly more common in India and other equatorial locations than the wintertime version. Symptoms may include change in appetite, especially a craving for sweet or starchy foods, weight gain, a heavy feeling in the arms or legs, drop in energy levels, fatigue, tendency to oversleep, difficulty in concentrating, irritability, increased sensitivity to social rejection, avoidance of social situations. All theoretically stimulated by exposure to extreme, extended amounts of heat.

Days like today help to confirm it. I left the windows open at my desk all day long. (In the not-covered-by-blinds sense, not the god-damn-shut-the-f@#$ing-window-you-jackass sense.) It was gloriously overcast. And then out of nowhere, I was struck with inspiration and cleaned my desk. Dusted, even! Then when I got home, my usual inclination is to draw a cold bath and settle in with a book for a couple of hours. But not today! I completely cleaned and organized my closets, washed the veins of clothes I found buried deep within them, and… okay, well, I still took a cold bath, but it wasn’t quite as urgent as it is on those 118° days.

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