East Meets West

Whenever I describe the food at Chino Bandido’s to someone, I inevitably get the same head-scratching look of confusion.

“It’s a combination…of Asian…and Mexican,” they say gingerly.

I had the same reaction before my first visit, but I quickly noted it was the first time everyone in our office was excited about going to the same restaurant for lunch. It’s a rare occurrence when everyone is happy to go somewhere so I figured, there must be something good going on here.

First-time visitors are encouraged to step over to the tasting station where a friendly employee will serve you samples along with a description of the various dishes so you can make an informed decision. Sometimes I pretend like I’m a Chino’s virgin, just so I can taste some of menu I haven’t ordered previously.

With your order, you get a cookie. A snickerdoodle! I like to think of it as a cinnamony/sugary reward for placing your order.

Even the soda fountain is divine with it’s bounty of carbonated choices extending past the usual six offerings. I mean, c’mon: Diet Pink Grapefruit Sobe! Now there’s variety.

But it’s really the food that sets Chino Bandido’s a part. If you like unusual spicy food, this is the place to go. Starting with the Jerk Fried Rice and the Cuban Black Beans and working your way to the Emerald Green Chicken, Carnitas and Jade Red Chicken, the food is tasty, unusual and very satisfying. Those with a delicate stomach needed worry. They offer a few plain jane, yet still tasty fare for you.

*I’m seriously thinking of offering my services as a web beautician** to every restaurant I like in exchange for free meals. I mean seriously…there is absolutely no need for the font “Beesknees” to be anywhere on the internet. And to top it off…it moves! Oy! I have to steady myself on the furniture now.

**Yeah, don’t look at my blog as an example for my work. It’s lame and scaled back on purpose.

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