See Spot Run. Run, Spot, Run!

I spent the evening last night at the dog track with my family. It’s an odd pastime… I never think to go myself, but my parents and sisters enjoy it so I tag along whenever they go. The track in Phoenix is located fairly close to the airport, and the light rail is going to buzz right past it. Roughly 38th Street and Washington…

20050805dogtrack.jpgAfter deciding at some point that I don’t really expect to make money, but winning is always fun… I started betting on every dog to win, on every race. The odds for all the dogs shift around, so the worst that can happen is you end up with the favorite dog and making only $6 on a $14 or $16 bet. But you’re really betting on the unpredictability of the outcome… because any time a long shot wins, you make bank. Well, maybe not bank, but $20 here and there.

Around 10:30pm, the rain started up out of nowhere. We were up in the grand stand so it was a great perspective- track below, skyline above, and the floodlights that illuminate the track also illuminate the rain. It was like a solid sheet of crystals falling. It’s the heaviest rain I’ve seen so far this season- sure, we’ve had plenty of wind and thunder, but not those solid sheets of rain I adore so very much.

There is a vague trashy element to the track, but I kind of like it because all types of people are there. Nobody will look at you funny as long as you don’t tie up the betting machines forever. And there’s enough warm beer for everyone!

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