When Tumbleweeds Attack!

Last Friday, my friend Adam and I were on I-8 outside of Gila Bend on our way to San Diego for the weekend. I had hoped to be on the road by about 1pm, but as fate would have it, we got held up and couldn’t leave until 4pm. By the time we made it to Gila Bend, a thunderstorm and kicked up and we were trying to outrun it. The sky was split between light and dark, with I-8 serving as the thin line separating them. It was almost like a scene from Lord of the Rings where you could turn your head and peer into the darkened land.

Anyway, there was no way we were going to outrun the storm. The wind started gusting quite strongly, enough to feel it as I was steering. A little further down the road we started seeing a few tumbleweeds dart across the highway. A few seconds later the few tumbleweeds turned into a cloud of tumbleweeds attacking my friend’s SUV. I kept thinking of the Millenium Falcon weaving through the asteroid field… except for the fact that we didn’t manage to avoid many of them. I can still hear the frequent thumps as they would hit the bumper, grill and door. I don’t every think I can remember such a vicious attack, especially by a group of angry tumbleweeds.

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