Terminal 4

Today is a sad day for me. Today I took my girlfriend to Sky Harbor so she can cruise out to Chicago for 10 days. This is the longest time we’ve ever been apart in the short time we’ve dated, so it’s a good test of wills as it were. Should be interesting, maybe I’ll crash and burn in spectacular fashion. Look for it!

Her flight was on America West, which is in Terminal 4. After cruising the car up 9 stories in those crazy spiral driveways, we found parking. As soon as we hit level 3, it was like I had entered a whole new world. New shops, a new layout, new tiles being put down everywhere. It was like I was at the mall, but if I wanted to go to Hawaii I could do that too. One of the shops sold iPods, which made me think, “Well that’d be great if they were precharged and had music on them, but otherwise it’s a $300 piece of plastic until they touch down.” They also had DVD’s at the same store, which I guess makes sense. Lots of people would watch movies on their laptop if they had them, so maybe that’s what they do.

There’s also a Chili’s there, where we met her Mom for lunch. Service sucked, but it was a really cool place, all clean and neat. TV’s all over showing NBA Inside Stuff, and lots of chips & queso for a hungry Kevvy.

I dropped her off an hour ago, and I already miss her. I swear I’m such a tool.

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