Stormy Weather

It seems there isn’t much to talk about besides the weather right now. But, then what else is new in Phoenix? Last night was a doozy of a storm. We got pelted with rain, the thunder was ominous, and the lightning amazing.

The good news? Well, apparently we got the entire average monsoonal rainfall in one hour and we always need rain. The bad news? When you get that much rain in an hour in the Valley, there is bound to be flooding and all kinds of other bad stuff.

Our house is still in one piece. The trees are still in the ground. The retention basins are full, though, and we could see all the fat quail running around in the water this morning. It’s nice to see the wildlife thriving off all the seeds from all the weeds, etc. that grew this winter during all the amazing rain we got then. It sure doesn’t seem like we’re in a drought anymore!

Here’s hoping all the Phoenix bloggers and readers survived the storm intact. I’m sure it won’t be the last we see of the monsoon.

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