A few months ago, I discovered when you go to a Starbucks in a Safeway, you can swipe your little “track my every purchase in your store” card so after you buy seven beverages, you get your eighth free. This Sunday, I was in my local Safeway with a friend to purchase a birthday cake for another friend. While he headed for the bakery, I made a beeline to the Starbucks counter. After I punched in my phone number (like I carry that little card with me!) I heard the register make some celebratory beeps.

“Oh! It’s your free one!” exclaimed my barista.

Sipping my drink while walking towards the bakery, I noticed that not only does the receipt say how many drinks you have purchase toward your next free one, but it always states what free one you are working towards, such as, “YOU HAVE PURCHASED 2 OF 7 TOWARD YOUR 4TH !! FREE STARBUCKS!!”

Not being a math whiz without the assistance of a calculator, I asked my friend, “What’s eight times eight?”


I thought for a moment. “What’s sixty-four plus eighty?”

He thought for a moment. “One hundred forty-four.”

I smiled and held my cup high. “This is my one hundred forty-fourth iced tea*,” I said, “…purchased from Starbucks in Safeways.”

A twelve-step program is in my future. This I am sure.

*I should mention I hate coffee. I only drink iced tea at Starbucks. That probably makes it all that more disturbing.

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  1. Lloyd (unregistered) on August 2nd, 2005 @ 9:19 am

    There are some things one should not count. On my other website I have been tracking each and every cup of coffee I consume this year. I write to you sipping on Cup 603.

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