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September First Friday

I’m out of town on Friday and won’t be able to attend but it should be interesting after last month’s crackdown. The New Times has an article about it here.

This article seemed pretty balanced. I liked this quote:

“One more statistic: At least one art purchase was made by a cop. Phoenix Police Officer A.C. Myers bought a $40 photograph of himself in riot gear that Holga’s Ian Wender snapped at an anti-war protest in downtown Phoenix in 2003.

“He saw it over my shoulder when he was standing outside my apartment and I opened the door,” says Wender. “Maybe all these cops aren’t such a bad thing after all.”


The events in the Gulf are making me feel so grateful that we live in an area without natural disasters. All we really have to put up with

First Britney now Cher

The latest rumor has Cher moving to the Valley. Her mom and sister live here already, though, so that makes a little more sense than some of the other people *cough* Britney *cough* rumored to be buying property here. At least Cher has earned her diva status. And she already knows how to dress for the heat. Or something.

A Quick Look

I know I mentioned to you guys that Club Miami was opening last week in downtown Phoenix. I figured I would give you a quick look at what the space looks like from up in the DJ booth. Hope you guys decide to come check it out!

Club Miami
716 N. Central Ave

Unidentified Floating Objects

Did anyone else see the balloons floating over what I’m assuming was Casino Arizona west of the 101 near Indian Bend? Lots of red, white and blue hovering high in the sky.

I wonder what they were for. Little helium-filled orbs of patriotism? In support of those dealing with the hurricane? A promotion for the nickel slot?

Help for Katrina Victims

For anyone who is looking for a way to help all those affected by Hurricane Katrina, especially our friends in New Orleans, the American Red Cross is accepting donations on their website, or you can call their hotline at 1-800-435-7669.

You Can Help Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Even though most of us are not directly affected by Hurricane Katrina, we can still help those that are. Here are just a few of the places where you can donate:

Red Cross
Adventist Community Services
America’s Second Harvest
American Humane Society
Church World Service
Convoy of Hope
Episcopal Relief and Development
Humane Society of the United States
Mennonite Disaster Service
Operation Blessing
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
Salvation Army
Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief
United Methodist Committee on Relief

If cats designed our street signs…

I am so ready to get home. Spent the last two weeks travelling through rural America and I am tired. It has been miles and miles of cows and then this…


Why do you need a sign like this? What sort of driver behavior leads to a city making this kind of decision?


Just in case the sign is not clear.

Yes, I made a u-turn. It was legal.


If I see one more GIT-R-DONE bumpersticker out here, I will rip someone’s face off.


Thankfully August is nearly over, it’s always fun, but can be exhausting. For some reason it’s always the busiest month for me. This past weekend was full of canoeing, t-bone steaks, grilled cheese, and s’mores. Otherwise known as camping! Camping at Knoll lake up on the Mogollon Rim is one of our annual trips. With the 110 degree heat this past weekend in the valley, it was nice to sit in front of a campfire all night, enjoy the 85 degree day weather, and sleep in warm & cozy sleeping bags without worry of sweating. I found an excellent beer based steak marinade that made our t-bones so incredibly tender and tasty.. almost better than the usual miso glazed salmon we make. Now you may say t-bones and salmon aren’t camping food, but by my definition, anything you can cook over a campfire (or more specifically hot coals from a campfire) is camping food.

The weekend prior was 3 days spent at Ocean Beach San Diego in a 3rd floor 4 bedroom condo 20 yards above Pelican Point by the 2nd longest pier in the U.S. We (my girlfriend, self, and 6 others) went to see a band play 2 nights at Winston’s Bar (the band was Particle), also acheived by the visit was some good beach time, good food, and the chance for my girlfriend to see her brother, recently transferred to San Bernadino for work. Can’t forget to mention the weather, a beautiful 85 in the day and cool breezy nights that smelt of salty air.

Also notable this month, my girlfriend has been writing for Contact Magazine, a new urban lifestyle magazine that is slated for launch at First Friday on September 2nd. It’s free, so you might as well check it out, you might find out something new about your state.

$2500 later my truck finally has a new engine and is back on the road, made the 300 mile camping trip with hardly a problem other than the fact that my alternator is starting to go, there goes another $200! Land Rovers are a blessing and a curse. They’re way too expensive when new, but under warranty. Used they’re dirt cheap but can suck money due to repairs. In the end it’s probably a wash, this is the first and last I’ll own. It’s been 5 great years filled with camping and snowboarding trips, and if nothing else I’ve gained lots of automotive repair skills.

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