Thunderstorms and All My Children

I don’t know what the wind was like in your neighborhood tonight, but it was downright scary in mine. So scary in fact, that I kept looking out the windows at the clouds for funnels. Maybe I was just paranoid because my husband wasn’t home at the time, but whatever the case, the storm wasn’t all that enjoyable. Even my 8 month old could sense my anxiety and got a worried look on her face as I was changing her diaper. Luckily, a few words in my “happy mommy” voice and she was smiling again. The dogs, on the other hand, followed me everywhere I went, and I do mean everywhere. This is nothing new, but since half of our house is off limits because we are getting new tile put in, and the other half is full of the stuff we had to move out, they were dangerously underfoot, especially when trying to carry a baby around. Finally, though, my husband got home, the storm let up a bit, I got to actually enjoy the cool lightning show, and all was right with the world.

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